The roll-down rear window of Toyota's next 4Runner SUV: Arriving soon

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 05 April 2024

For its next 4Runner SUV, Toyota has released a new teaser in the US. Although it is improbable that the Toyota 4Runner would reach the Indian market, a unique feature has drawn our notice. The vehicle is scheduled to have its world premiere on April 9, 2024. One of the primary characteristics of the next 4Runner SUV is its electrically operated roll-down rear window, which is seen in the latest teaser.

The teaser video unveils a compelling feature: the rear window effortlessly rolls down with a simple button press atop the center console. This addition streamlines access to the boot, sparing users the hassle of opening the cumbersome tailgate. Its convenience is especially apparent for swiftly adding or retrieving small bags, enhancing daily practicality. Interestingly, this feature marks a nostalgic return, as the last car in India to offer a similar functionality was the first-generation Hyundai Tucson.

This reintroduction of a user-friendly design element signifies a thoughtful response to consumer demands, melding convenience with functionality. By seamlessly integrating such features, the vehicle aims to elevate the driving experience, promising a blend of innovation and practicality for discerning consumers.

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