The rise of digital coupons and cashback in India.

By Team CR Friday, 15 March 2019


Team CR

E-commerce has been steadily rising in India. The acquisition of Flipkart by Walmart and steady expansion by Amazon has been due to the enormous nascent market which is as yet unexploited. From a mere 10 million users of e-commerce in 2012 it has swelled by 800% till the end of 2018. It has taken time for the different business to understand what suits the Indian marketplace and the shakeout has seen smaller players like Myntra being acquired by Flipkart or fall by the wayside as has happened with Snapdeal.

The new trend of e-commerce after retail and travel has moved online is for mega-pharmacies to emerge online offering huge discounts and cashback to the tune of 25% (brick and mortar pharmacies rarely offer an actual discount of more than 14%) and health checkup packages from renowned laboratories at 80% discount to market price. Moreover, you can easily get any advice from the doctor using 1mg Coupon Codes offer.

Use of digital coupons is gaining ground.

In recent years the use of technology has been extended day by day, so brands have had to adapt to these new consumer trends and find ways to change and innovate the way of doing things so that customers find their marketing strategies more attractive, and thus achieve a sale. So, with the increase in internet use in India, brands have opted for a retail approach adapted to technology.

But what is a digital coupon? It is a promotion that is available online either to be downloaded or presented directly at the point of sale. One can easily use coupons of any store that is available at indiashoppers website like Nykaa Sale coupon while buying any makeup product. They offer an infinite variety of promotions, from discount percentages, through 2-in-1 products or services to free movie tickets.

Digital coupons are the electronic alternative to the usual discount coupons, which you could use so far only in paper format.

1. The big companies in India are gradually using digital coupons because they offer several advantages:
2. Publicize your product and your brand in discount portals, as well as in online communities that exist with the sole purpose of sharing to save on your purchases.
3. Customers feel comforted with the purchase, as it generates a sense of satisfaction for having achieved savings and remember that a satisfied customer tends to return.
4. They generate a higher turnover of inventories.
5. The use of them can be measured, and therefore their use strategy can be improved.
6. In general, there are many advantages to use and with the everyday use of mobile technologies become something that your brand should not miss, so if you think about using, it is your best option in offering an incentive to the customer.

Emergence of IndiaShoppers

IndiaShoppers is an online coupon site that has gained immense traction. Huge brands such as Bookmyshow and Uber Eats regularly advertise their coupons and cash back offers through IndiaShoppers. Some of these are clubbed together with digital wallets as partners since that is the obvious way to attend organic growth in this industry.

Users can join free of cost, and when shopping happens through its site, IndiaShoppers deducts a negligible fee passing on most of the benefit to the customer. The cashback earned can be redeemed via a bank account or through gift vouchers of some of the finest stores.

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