The Next Apple iPhone 17 Plus is Expected to Sport a Smaller Screen than the 6.7-inch

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 19 April 2024

There are several rumors circulating about the next iPhone 17 Plus. According to industry sources, the screen proportions of its predecessors may not be followed. Prominent expert Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants has alluded to noteworthy alterations in the works for Apple's primary smartphone lineup.

Although the iPhone 15 Plus and its follow-up, the iPhone 16 Plus, had the same 6.7" screen size as the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Young's most recent observations suggest that Apple may be changing their approach to design. Young claims that the iPhone 17 Plus will defy expectations by going smaller on the screen than its immediate predecessors.

While the precise proportions of the screen are still unknown, Young speculates that the iPhone 17 Plus will fall in between the entry-level iPhone 17 and the top-tier iPhone 17 Pro Max. The lack of exact dimensions invites speculation, particularly considering that the screen of the iPhone 16 Pro Max may grow to 6.9".

Recognizing that the iPhone 17 family is still in its early stages of development, industry insiders advise against taking these rumors as official intentions. Although Young's history supports the rumors, caution is necessary due to the absence of solid size data.

However, should these rumors come to pass, Apple may use different screen sizes to further differentiate its smartphone lineup.

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