The Memoir 'Source Code' by Bill Gates is Set to Release Next Year

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 06 June 2024

Bill Gates, the creator of Microsoft, stated on his personal blog that his book, "Source Code," will be released the following year. 

On June 4, Gates published a blog post announcing that pre-orders for his memoir, which he called an "Origin Story," are now available. The publication date is set for February 2025. 

"Roughly Unknown Years,"
"I'm thrilled to share that my next book, Source Code, will be released in February of next year. It is a book of my early life, from my early years to the decision I made to drop out of college and co-found Microsoft with Paul Allen. "I write about the relationships, lessons, and experiences that shaped every aspect of my life afterward," stated Gates.

Although he's been "in the public eye" since his early 20s, the tech mogul said, most of his life before then isn't well recognized. I've been questioned a lot over the years concerning my background, my time at Harvard, and my co-founding of the firm. I realized that others would be interested in my path and the things that shaped it because of those inquiries," he continued. 

"Using Oddities to Your Advantage"
"In the book, I share some of the tougher parts of my early life, including feeling like a misfit as a kid, butting heads with my parents as a rebellious teen, grappling with the sudden loss of someone close to me, and nearly getting kicked out of college," Gates stated. 

In reference to his experiences with Microsoft, he continued, saying that the biography will discuss "the challenges of dropping out of school to make a bet on an industry that didn’t really exist yet".

In addition, Gates expressed gratitude to those who "believed in me, pushed me to grow, and helped me turn my quirks into strengths" over their journey.And I think about how fortunate I was to grow up right when the personal computer revolution was getting underway, to be born into a wonderful family during a period of unprecedented technical change and hope."

After "SourceCode," Gates said, he intends to write two additional autobiographies, one about his philanthropic activities and the other about his career at Microsoft."But Source Code is my origin story, and I’m looking forward to sharingit,"

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