The Importance of Advertising in Marketing

By Rohan A T Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Companies can’t survive in the market without generating sales. To generate sales the company should create awareness about their products in the market. Marketing is a key factor that gives importance on successfully marketing your products. Advertising is the most common and proven marketing tool used by all sorts of companies. There are various mediums which the companies use to advertise their product. Some of the popular mediums include TV, print, digital and radio. The goal of advertising is to reach the people who are most likely to be willing to pay for a company's products or services and entice them to buy. Advertising has clear objectives and those objectives are

  1.  Introduce the Product: An advertisement is used to introduce a new brand or company, product or service to the market. Before you can convince customers that you have the best option, they have to know what your product does on a basic level and advertising acts as an open invitation to your potential customers
  2. Emphasize the Benefits: Persuading customers is a prominent advertising objective for companies in competitive markets. Once customers have a basic understanding of your industry and product offerings, advertisements help you to show them why your brand is elite.
  3. Reminding the customer about the product: Airing advertisements continuously simply reinforces your brand's message in the market place. This helps the company to stay ahead of the competition
  4. Considering specific goals: Companies also use a variety of specific goals. To increase the customer base or sending out a message is some of the commonly used goals. Advertising helps you to choose and act on these specific needs.


Proper advertising will help you to generate hype around your products and it will also allow you to attract potential buyers. The importance of advertising doesn’t stop there. Here are some of the other reasons why advertisements are crucial for a business. If you think it's too complicated for you, maybe a social media marketing agency can help you.

  1. Crucial for the introduction of a new product: If you are launching a new product then advertisements are your best bet to attain success. If the advertisements of commercial products are done the correct way, it will help the customers to know more about your product and it will generally help the company to create sales.
  2. Helps in creating consumer awareness: Creating awareness about your products and giving it the proper exposure in the market is gold for all the companies. Advertisements create a platform that the companies can use to give their product the needed exposure.
  3. Target orientation: Advertisements are target oriented and proper advertising strategies will allow you to understand your target audience. Understanding your target audience will also help you to create your products which suit your customer’s taste.
  4. Helps in monitoring demand and supply: Advertising if done properly will help to increase the demand for a product in the market. If analyzed properly you can also identify the reach of the advertisements that you have given and this will help you to create a basic picture of your demand and you can adjust your supply accordingly.
  5. Building the brand image: Advertising helps in creating goodwill and this helps to create a brand image. Repeated advertisements will help you to popularize both your products and your brand image. This helps you to stand apart from the rest and this will help the customers to easily identify your product which eventually results in more sales.

Proper advertising is always a trusted ally for any business and if used properly advertising will help you to introduce and establish your brand and your products in the market. To create a niche in the market is every business’s dream and advertising can help you in your journey towards success. 

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