The Impact Of Global Finance On Business Growth

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Thursday, 29 August 2019

Global finances affect business growth in many ways. Depending on finances, a business gets expanded. The rules, regulations, and opportunities are also affected due to financial factors. When it comes to setting business in international platforms, not only reputation or products or services, but also finance plays a major role in its growth. Business owners always look for opportunities to explore unchartered territories and unveil the economic potential across international markets. The markets hold potential to success, but due to non-uniform economic structures of modern era, creativity financial planning is essential for businesses to grow. Certain additional factors like to what extent a business can capture a market, the increasing number of employees, locations, etc. are all dependent on finance.

But if business owners are always abreast with their tasks, there are innumerable chances for businesses to attain exponentially rising financial graphs. Business owners should always consider how to fund their growth opportunities before marching out. They should be prepared to counteract the sales pattern that could prevent them from reaching their targets. Present market conditions also depict that business owners should never depend only on just one vertical, but should focus on multiple domains to land themselves in profitable circumstances.

Types Of Financing

A business is financed either through debts or equities. Debt financing means traditional business loans incurred at market interest rates. And business owners need to repay the amount within specified time. In contrast to debt financing, equity financing refers to financing received by a business in exchange of its ownership. Equity financing comes through stocks or bonds by private investors.

Effects Drawn By Financing

Be it debt financing or equity financing, both has its individual unique characteristics. Both affect business operations. While debt financing is negative cash inflow, which asks for repayment, equity financing does not asks for regular payments.

Growth can be achieved by revenue generated by a company and most companies reach, but almost a major number of companies acquire financing to cement their financial stability.

Small scale business owners often finance businesses from their savings as it is harder to secure a bank loan for them. Without proper financial planning, it leads to doom.

A hefty amount of business financing can land it into a plethora of problems. Like, when a company has made incredibly huge amount of debts, then its financial access might be restricted even before it could finish its growth strategy. Moreover, if the company with high amount of debt, starts witnessing falling revenues, or a recession hits, then it will certainly not make the business reach its goal. On the other hand, if it continues to rely on equity financing, then it will lose its authority to take decisions.

With an attempt to make business grow by borrowing money from relatives or friends is the last option that business owners should not consider. There are aspiring business owners who have borrowed money and failed to repay the amount, leading to damaged relationship. Financial disruptions do not end there. When a business owner fails to repay the loan taken from a bank, then it loses its valuable assets.

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