The Impact of AI and ML on Driving Customer Experience

By Rohan A T Wednesday, 12 February 2020

AI and ML have been the buzzwords of the technology domain for many years now. Over the years, AI and ML have found its way in all the various industry verticals and all the leading companies now use AI in their products and services to raise its quality. One area that has largely benefited from the introduction of AI and ML is the customer service sector. Customers are finding it much more convenient to report their complaints and get accurate feedbacks with the adoption of AI. One of the most evident clues that support this statement can be found in the online shopping industry.  One research report found that when AI is used in these online shopping platforms, 49 percent of the customers said that they would opt online shopping more than conventional store shopping. The study also states that 34 percent of the customers were willing to spend more money with the presence of AI. Another interesting finding of that particular research was that 83 percent of the surveyed people were completely ok with retailers and brands that are using chatbots and other AI capabilities to enhance the shopping experience of the customers. All this clearly point out that the implementation of AI and ML will drastically improve the customer experience and now let’s look at how AI and ML are driving customer experience

1. Helps in Delivering Smooth Customer Experience: When used correctly, AI will make the impression in the minds of the customer that, they are the ones taking the decisions and making the choices. Al also allows customers to see the most relevant products and allied information that they want to see.  If that is the situation, then the customer engagement will generate more precise information about that customers’ shopping behavior. This makes the entire shopping experience smoother and this, in turn, increases customer satisfaction. 

2. Boosting the Accuracy of Ecommerce: AI is at its best when used in online commerce and by implementing AI, companies can get a clear route that shows through which platform the customers are buying products. By getting to know the customers better through AI, companies can deliver the best shopping experience for their customers.

3. Personalized Shopping Experience: With the strong backing from all the gathered data, brands will also be able to offer bespoke shopping experiences for their customers. This personalized experience can be taken to the next level by allowing customers to place orders through face recognition, fingerprint, or voice detection. By using chatbots to converse with the customers, companies will be able to create an end-to-end one-off shopping experience. This not only ensures customized shopping experience, but also improves the safety of online shopping and Ecommerce in general to a whole different level.

4. Creating Connected Customer Experiences: AI enables to create a separate track record for individual customers. This is very crucial in modern-day business because all the layers of stored data can be put on top of the other and the companies will have a detailed understanding of the customers’ taste. This knowledge can be further used to generate plans and strategies to retain your existing customers as well as generating new ones.

5. Helps in Product Discovery: Being customer-centric is one of the key facets to be successful in this ultra-competitive business environment. With the customer base getting larger every passing day, companies need to implement various AI based technologies to formulate more efficient and effective strategies to be more engaged with their customers.

6. Helps to Optimize Customer Data: Customer information is considered to be the holy grail of modern day business. With the adoption of AI, the scope of collecting and analyzing customer data is immense and by gathering these data, companies can formulate the most effective and profitable future road map for the company.

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