The Benefits of Remote Working in Modern Business Environment

By Rohan A T Friday, 06 March 2020

Remote working is a trend that has been adopted in the western countries for some time now. This trend has only been gaining acceptance and popularity in India only recently. Simply defined, remote working allows professionals to work outside a conventional workplace environment. While many will consider this as a futuristic trend, a study conducted on the topic found that around 8 million people worked from their homes in 2017 and this number has only been increasing. In this modern business environment where business actions and decisions are taking place at a fast pace, many will be of the opinion that the employees of a company should be working from their offices so that the organization can keep track of their work. What these people are forgetting is the fact that with the rapid expansion of technology, the place where the work is being done is of little significance. With remote working, employees will be able to work from the place of their convenience which will also improve the satisfaction and productivity of the employees. There are many other benefits that remote working has both from an employee and organization standpoint. Some of those advantages are:

1. Ensuring work-Life Balance: Work-life balance is crucial for the employees on multiple levels. With the operations of the companies getting wider and the competitions within the industry getting tighter, employees can feel immense work pressure. The complexity of their work can also make them skip some of the most important moments of their personal lives. All this will lead to an employee that has no real motivation to work more for the company and this can also lead to employee resignation. Remote working allows the employees to be with their family more and have a good work-life balance. This is will improve the employee satisfaction and create a feeling that they need to improve their work performance so that their company will perform much better.   

2. Getting rid of the Daily Commute: Getting to the office in this heavy traffic is in its own a task. In many cases, employees will be tired and stressed with their daily commute even before they enter the office. A physically tired and mentally drained employee cannot work at their best and this will have a massive impact on the performance of the employee. Working from home will allow employees to avoid their daily commute and work at their peak, with nothing disturbing them. In this scenario, remote working will help companies mainly in two ways. One, it will improve the productivity of the employees and second, companies will not have to worry about employees getting late or bother about offering transportation arrangements for them. Both this will act as a financial benefit for the organization.

3. Environmental Benefits: This is one advantage of remote working that complements the above mentioned point. By taking the number of vehicles that are used for daily commuting of the roads, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions can also be drastically reduced. With fewer vehicles on the road, the number of traffic accidents and mishaps can also be decreased. Another aspect of this is that, with the reduction of miles completed by these vehicles, the rising amount of money spend on petrol and diesel can also be dealt with.

4. Creating a Bespoke Working Environment: This is another massive advantage of remote working. Employees will be able to create a customizable office that can be adjusted or tweaked according to the taste and preference of the employee. This will help the employees to perform much more efficiently and owing to the fact that they are working from their homes, the employees will also able to save a lot of money which they would have either spend for the petrol, taking food from outside, and vehicle maintenance just to name a few.

If the company is able to keep an accurate track of their employees work, then remote working is surely an option that can be considered. Not only does it improve the performance of the employees, but it will also offer various monetary advantages for the companies too. With employees being more satisfied and motivated to work, the organization will also be able to retain the existing talent as well as attract new ones.

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