Tesla's most cheap vehicle is expected to be launched in India after Germany

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 22 November 2023

Tesla's cheapest model (expected to be priced at 25,000 Euros) will be a two-door vehicle introduced in Germany. The same electric automobile will be presented in India later, according to reports, on November 22.

Even though billionaire Elon Musk's Tesla has yet to make an official statement about its India venture, the American multinational automotive and clean energy corporation is on track to begin importing several of its models early next year.

While specifics about the goods being evaluated for India are scarce, insiders close to the company have told Moneycontrol that the Model Y Crossover will be the first model offered in the nation.

Model Y, which is based on the Model 3 sedan chassis, is a battery-electric mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by Tesla Inc. since 2020. The Tesla Model Y competes in a smaller and less expensive category than the Tesla Model X. This model, like the Model X, has an optional third-row seat for a total seating capacity of seven.

Model Y is currently priced at around Rs 45 lakh in Germany, and pricing in India would vary based on import duty and taxes. Meanwhile, trade minister Piyush Goyal previously stated that Tesla intends to quadruple the quantity of components imported from India.

"I am pleased to see the growing importance of Indian auto component suppliers in the Tesla EV supply chain." "It is on its way to doubling its component imports from India," Goyal said after visiting Tesla's Fremont, California, manufacturing site. Goyal stated in September that Tesla hoped to source components worth $1.7 billion to $1.9 billion from India this year, after purchasing $1 billion in components last year.


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