Tackling the Price of Textbooks

By Team CR Thursday, 25 July 2019

Tackling the Price of Textbooks

Going to college is already costly, and textbook prices can be enough to make you cringe these days. According to a recent federal aid study, a staggering 65 percent of students surveyed did not purchase a book for a course during their program because it was too expensive. Additionally, 94 percent of those students who did not buy a book were worried their grades would suffer as a result. One way around to ever having to even think about falling into this statistic is to tackle the high cost of books by offsetting your total amount spent on books. You can address the overall cost of college course books through purchasing, utilizing buyback programs, and eBook rental services with a reputable online bookstore. Reputable online bookstores are an excellent resource for tackling the high price of books.

An online bookshop can help offset the overall cost of your books for college by purchasing used books directly through their site. While used books may have slight damage to the cover or highlight marks, buying used books can save you a significant amount of money throughout your degree program. The amount you save could be hundreds, if not even in the thousands range depending on the length of your degree program. The earlier you can find out the titles, or ISBNs for your course's books, the better. Shopping early in terms of the start of the semester will give you higher chances of finding used copies of the books at the most discounted prices.

Let's say, for example; you just finished your Business Economics class for the semester. One way an online bookshop can help offset your overall expenditure on books is through a service commonly known as textbook buyback. Textbook buyback allows you to sell textbooks from courses you've completed, and then receive cash, or otherwise credit towards your next purchase.In doing so, you'll want to find a reputable online company that offers the highest buyback price for your used textbooks that also provides free prepaid shipping. You'll want to keep your books in the best shape as possible, and the less marked up they are, the more you are likely to receive through a buyback service.

Finally, online bookstores may be able to provide your textbook as an eBook to rent. Renting in the form of an eBook is not only a great choice to save money but also support green and eco-friendly initiatives. Renting your textbook as an eBook allows you to access your book anytime you need from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Rather than having a due date, as you would at a library, with an eBook rental when the length of time stated in your rental agreement runs out, then access to the eBook expires. When it expires, access to the book would require you to rent it again. There is never a need to worry about returning an eBook.

There are also some other advantages of renting your college books in the form of an eBook. One advantage of an eBook is in the instance you've ever lost or misplaced your textbook. For example, you left your textbook behind at a study session at the local coffee shop, library, or even in the classroom. Having an eBook can save you missing out on any valuable study time, rather than spending your time trying to trace your footsteps back to retrieve it. The other advantage is not having to carry around the physical weight of your textbooks from class to class, as they can be stored all on one electronic device.

Campus bookstores sometimes carry used copies of books for your classes. However, something to keep in mind is that bookstore prices include a bookstore markup, as part of the percentage of the total cost for the book. Campus bookstores also usually sell used books very quickly and do not have a significantly reduced discount associated with online bookshops. The good news is here at Booksrun we provide you the opportunity to sell textbooks, buy, and even instantly rent eBooks with some of the best prices on the internet. Do you think this couldn't sound any better? We also offer free shipping with prepaid shipping labels for all your buybacks with us and free shipping with any of your textbook purchases as well. Booksrun is continually exploring ways to reduce the cost of textbooks for students. We invite you to visit us online and start saving on your textbook purchases today!

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