Strategies Companies can Use to Increase their Market Share

By Rohan A T Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Strategies Companies can Use to Increase their Market ShareEach and every industry stratum is getting more and more competitive on a daily basis. New companies are mushrooming in the industry at an alarming rate, making it harder for existing companies to get a solid foothold in the market. In India itself, over 1300 startups began their operations in 2019 which shows the size and growth of the Indian economy. With this being the case, organizations both big and small old and new are trying their best to differentiate themselves from the rest and increase their market share.By increasing your market share, businesses will not only be able to get a competitive advantage but they will also be able to have better brand value and thereby attract more customers. Increasing your market share is no cakewalk but there are some strategies that organizations can use to leverage their growth opportunities and increase their company’s market share. Some of those strategies are as follows.

  • Building Customer Relationships is Key: Customers are the kings in any business and if you want to achieve success in the modern era of business, having good customer relationships is crucial. Customers are basically an unpaid form of advertisement for your company and it is important that the product or service that you offer either meet or exceed the expectations of your customer. Addressing your customers grievances is also important to nurture a successful relationship with your customers and this will help you to build up a good reputation in the market which later will help you to improve your brand image. With more customers recognizing your brand name, it will be much easier for you to attract more customers and thereby increase your market share.
  • Importance of Innovation: The world is moving at a rapid pace and organizations that can innovate and adapt to deal with the fast-changing business scenarios will grow while the others will perish. In any industry strata, innovation is key and organizations that have the ability to think and innovate can quickly attract a lot of attention from the customers and distance themselves from the rest in the market. Being innovative also means that the company is constantly keeping abreast of the latest happenings in the industry which will help them to chart out a more effective business strategy. Modern day customers are also to an extend aware of the latest trends and they will always appreciate and lean towards companies that are coming with new and innovative solutions. So, through innovation, organizations will be able to be more productive and increase their market share.
  • Being Agile: Having a flexible business plan is not only crucial to increase your market share but it is also essential to just survive in this ultra-competitive business environment. Companies should be able to adapt to the changing business scenarios quickly so that theyremain relevant in the market. Having the ability to incorporate changes and improve the quality of your product or service on a consistent basis will also help companies to build a good reputation in the market. Having a flexible business plan also means that, if things are not going according to plan, the organization will be able to turn things around by finding a way to deal with the problems. All this will help the company to create a niche for themselves in the market and through that increase their market share.

While offering quality products or services is the key to achieving success in any business, that in itself might not be enough to command a respectable position in the modern-day market. These above-mentioned strategies are some of the many that will help companies to not only become successful for a short period of time but also develop into a market leader who holds a major share of the market.

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