State-of-the-Art AI Surveillance to Safeguard Ram Temple in Ayodhya Amid Rising Pilgrim Footfalls

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 04 January 2024

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) surveillance is poised to play a pivotal role in fortifying the security of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, especially as the inauguration on January 22 is expected to draw a substantial influx of pilgrims. Alongside AI surveillance, approximately 11,000 state police and paramilitary forces are set to be deployed during the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla.

A senior police official revealed that a pilot project for AI surveillance is likely to be initiated in Ayodhya, with potential plans to integrate it into the regular security and surveillance protocols if proven effective. Given the perceived threat level for the Ram temple, maintaining a stringent vigil on all activities in Ayodhya is deemed essential.

The AI surveillance system is anticipated to be instrumental in identifying patterns such as frequent visitors or suspicious trends within the temple premises. Automatic security alerts would be triggered, enabling swift responses from security agencies. The official emphasized the heightened vigilance, with intensified manual and social media surveillance leading up to the January 22 event.

While the final security scheme for the inauguration is yet to be formalized, officials from both state and central agencies are actively assessing the threat perception and security requirements. Current security measures include manual and video surveillance in the red zone where the Ram Temple is situated, complemented by local intelligence units keeping watch on every movement.

The verification process extends to individuals in the temple vicinity, including taxi drivers, e-rickshaw drivers, hotel staff, beggars, priests, and residents. Guest lists for the event and accompanying staff are also undergoing scrutiny. A significant security deployment is anticipated, comprising 26 paramilitary and PAC companies, around 8,000 civil police personnel, and teams from UP Anti-Terror Squad (ATS), Special Task Force, and national agencies like the National Security Guards.

To ensure the smooth flow of traffic on the day of the event, traffic diversions will be implemented on all roads leading to Ayodhya, with a focus on clearing encroachments. The current security setup includes CRPF, PAC, and UPSSF personnel, along with bomb disposal squads, anti-sabotage teams, police radio communications personnel, and firefighters in the red zone. Additionally, the yellow zone, excluding the temple premises, will see the deployment of sub-inspectors, head constables, and constables for enhanced security.

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