Spotify Might Soon Offer Customers Headphone Optimization and Hi-Fi Lossless Audio

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 15 April 2024

It has been revealed that Spotify has been developing many new features. The Verge has reported that Spotify may launch the much-anticipated Music Pro add-on option, which would offer DJ remix and lossless audio capabilities. Other music services, like Apple Music, have included hi-fidelity lossless audio streaming. We could soon see it on the Spotify Android app as well, based on recent code snippets found in the Spotify for Android app.

The planned Hi-Fi lossless audio streaming function on Spotify: Specifics

About three years ago, Spotify first revealed the "Spotify HiFi" function, which was anticipated to be a part of a more costly "Supremium" membership tier. However, it could now be available through their soon-to-be released Music Pro add-on.

The Verge reports that a number of code samples show that Spotify's Hi-Fi lossless audio streaming will support up to 24 bits per 44.1 kHz. The Music Pro feature could provide DJ remix capabilities in addition to lossless audio, enabling users to adjust the music to their exact specifications.

Hypixely, a Reddit user who has been monitoring these codes, also claims that Spotify could roll out a headphone optimization function that uses "patented technology" to improve sound on certain models—Apple AirPods are referenced in the code.

"Your Music Pro" might be the name of a new sidebar button for Music Pro. A new playlist called Advanced Mixing Tools, which groups songs and music according to your listening habits, mood, and preferences, may also be shown.

Spotify has not stated when users would be able to use these services.

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