Samsung Unveils An R&D Center For Semiconductors In India

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 29 February 2024

An R&D center for semiconductors was opened in India today by Samsung Semiconductor India Research, a division of Samsung Electronics, a Korean electronics company. In addition to meeting the company's expanding demands for cutting-edge infrastructure, the Bengaluru site aims to enhance cutting-edge semiconductor research and development in India.

Samsung Semiconductor India Research's (SSIR) new campus has an innovative, four-story open-plan design that promotes agility and teamwork. For worker flexibility, specific hot-desking locations are included in the design.

According to the company, SSIR employees enjoy a comprehensive work experience thanks to the more than sixty cutting-edge meeting rooms that facilitate smooth communication. Other amenities include a fully stocked cafeteria, medical facilities, designated nap rooms, and recreational areas for staff members to unwind in.

“We are thrilled to be in this momentous occasion as our new Bengaluru location represents our dedication to growing our presence in India and providing a dynamic work environment for our outstanding team members. As we open up new prospects, this new center strengthens SSIR's position as a key participant in Samsung Semiconductor's worldwide innovation ecosystem, according to Balajee Sowrirajan, Executive VP & MD at Samsung Semiconductor India Research.

SSIR employs more than 4,500 individuals at the moment, and it plans to recruit over 700 more, including recent grads and lateral hires from other Indian teams.

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