Samsung Collaborates with Princeton University to Advance 6G Network Tech

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 14 February 2024

Samsung has entered a collaboration with Princeton University in the United States to jointly pioneer the development of cutting-edge 6G network technologies. This partnership involves Samsung Research America (SRA), the research and development arm of the South Korean tech giant, joining Princeton University's "NextG Initiative Corporate Affiliates Program."

As part of this collaboration, SRA will assume the role of a founding member in Princeton University's initiative, which was launched by the School of Engineering and Applied Science last year. The primary objective of this program is to expedite the integration of new technologies and foster innovation across diverse sectors, encompassing cloud and edge networks, intelligence sensing, and network resilience.

Joining SRA in the corporate affiliate program are several prominent companies, including Ericsson, Intel, MediaTek, Nokia Bell Labs, Qualcomm Technologies, and Vodafone. Charlie Zhang, Senior Vice President at SRA, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, encouraging Princeton's researchers to pursue innovation and develop disruptive technologies that could lead to significant breakthroughs in the realm of 6G networks.

This collaboration underscores Samsung's proactive approach toward advancing next-generation communication technologies. The company has previously demonstrated its commitment to this endeavor by establishing the Advanced Communications Research Center (ACRC) in 2019 and organizing the inaugural Samsung 6G Forum in 2022. By collaborating with Princeton University and participating in the NextG Initiative, Samsung aims to contribute to the forefront of 6G research and development.

This initiative is indicative of Samsung's strategic focus on innovation and its dedication to maintaining a leadership position in the global smartphone and memory chip markets. Through collaborative efforts with renowned academic institutions like Princeton University, Samsung endeavors to drive the evolution of communication technology and shape the future of connectivity.

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