Safety Concerns Confronting Utility Workers

By Peterson, content writer Saturday, 26 August 2023

Walking on loose gravel or slippery surfaces is like skating on thin ice. Falls are shockingly common in utility work - it's not just skyscraper window was- hers flirting with the ro- oftop's edge. In recent years, slips, trips, and falls were at the top of the leaderboard for the hig- hest rate of work-related incidents. It's all about strapping on that seatbelt of safety measures provided by the Occu- pational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It's like a game plan - deciding on your moves before you make them, wearing the right 'armor' before you step into battle, and making sure everyone in the 'squad' knows the drill.

When Things Comes Flying At You

Ever been to a messy food fight? Well, imagine that, but with heavy gear and us not laughing later. Gear, tools, pretty much anything not bolted down can turn into a lethal projectile on a worksite - as many sadly found out in 2020. Objects don't have to fall a skyscraper's height to do damage - even a small slip-up can result in disastrous consequences. Picture it as an obstacle course where workers are doubly vigilant, using signs as instant alerts & barricades as shields to protect themselves from this friendly fire.

When the Environment Turns Villain

Not all bad stuff is visible to the naked eye. Working in utilities often means sharing oxygen with harmful substances, radiation, excessive noise, and extreme temperatures. It's like signing up for a horror movie where you can't see the ghost. The National Safety Council (NSC) advises adopting a tiered approach to deal with these invisible threats, the obvious being to just ditch the danger. But when that's not an option, it’s about tweaking operations or running interference between workers and the hazard. And as a safety net, workers have their superhero suits aka Personal Protective Equipment.

When Roads Turn Into Minefields

It's like being on a real-life version of Mario Kart, except there's no fun in it. Utility workers are constantly running into trouble on roads, either behind the wheel or alongside traffic. In this high-stake race, the villains are fatigue, poor maintenance and distractions. This game, candidates take myriad precautions like implementing a 'boost level' (aka fatigue management program), regularly 'powering up' the vehicle's health, and using 'extra life' devices that allow workers to concentrate on their driving. Sadly, Arizona along with practically every other state has seen its fair share of these accidents, forcing Phoenix wrongful death lawyers to witness the heartbreaking aftermath of such roadway nightmares. However, in such cases it is these legal experts that can help loved ones through the process.

Who said work has to be a live version of a disaster movie? With proper planning, precautions and a little team play, utility workers can dodge these hazards and stay in the game for the long run.

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