Remote Proctoring for Monitoring the Skill Level of the Student

By Team CR Monday, 25 March 2019


Team CR

Remote proctoring is more than an effort to make the candidate perform rightly at the test. It is the best method to help students prove their metal in the field. E-Learning is considered to be the future of learning. The present global eLearning market has led to the necessities for the numerous support technicalities. The single area gaining importance in the course is the area of virtual proctoring. If eLearning was not there then video proctoring would not have become the mainstream for the students. However, for the reason of the online course programs the demand for the service has increased leaps and bounds.

How reliable is remotely proctored test in measuring skills of the students?

There are reasons for the students to know how remote proctoring works. In fact, you should know everything before you are ready for using online proctoring for the reason of examination. It will highlight the issues you may have to face in the traditional mode of exam. This will help you have a look at the various formats of the system of online video proctoring in the multiple use cases. For the new students in the field it is imperative for the students to know that proctoring or proctored test is the sort of mechanism to help in ensuring the authenticity and the genuineness of the test taker.

There is nothing as effective as remote proctoring for the students. The proctor is the person who receives the training and he has the quality and the authentication of the student giving the test. This is the perfect exam where the candidate is tested on the subjective knowledge and in the way he understands his personal potential, his level of learning and the behavioral profile. Often the exam location is not near to the area where the students stay. This is a really big challenge.

When the test center is not near, it becomes difficult for the administrator to supervise the process of testing. Again, it is difficult to find the right and the qualified person for maintaining the standard and the quality of proctoring. In fact, after the test no records are there to show whether the person has done his job rightly. There is also the limited supply of the test centers and the proctors are also limited and for the reason there is unnecessary extension of the test schedule. In the kind of online test without the proctoring, there are often reported cases of cheating and impersonation. These are details to show how remote proctoring works for the students.

There are students who have the inclination to cheat at the time of the exam. They either make use of the cheating method like referring the textbook or using the smart phone. The student can even make use of other devices to look online for the answers or they may even ask a friend for help. This is the occasion where you can make use of remote proctoring and detect a case of fraudulence. In the process, the candidate is rightly monitored by means of the Online Exam Proctoring or the Online Video Test Proctoring.

For the student it is imperative knowing how remote proctoring works. This is a process where the candidate is monitored online during the test session and this is made to happen with the use of the webcam, the mic and the access. These are needed for the actual screening of the candidate. In order to sit for a proctored test from a remote location the students are in need of the following. These are essentialities one can make use of for achieving success in the test.

To take the test, the student is in need of a suitable device. It can be a desktop PC, a laptop, a tablet or even a mobile. In matters of remote proctoring test the student is in need of an internet connection with a speed of 256kbps. One is in need of a functional webcam or mic. The student should make use of one of the modern browsers like the laptop or the PC. These are essentialities you can use in the process of online proctoring test. In fact, this is the systematic form of the test where you are sure to have the perfect authentic outcome.

In an answer to how remote proctoring works, you can point out the three main types of proctoring. There is the option of live online proctoring. In the scenario of the live proctored test a qualified and knowledgably proctor is liable for monitoring the candidates. There are the audio-video and the screen share feeds as part of the real time scenario. The typical proctoring service provider will have the candidates sitting in the remote location and they are trained to ensure in matters of student authentication and prevent the act of cheating with the showing of the red flag.

Remote proctoring is more than an action. It is a real time solution for the students. In case of the test the proctor has the ability to monitor nearly 16 to 32 candidates at the time when depending on the provider. The actual benefit of the model is the removal and the reduction of the location constraint of the method of proctoring. Often the proctor and the test taker are miles apart.However, there is the necessity for the test to be scheduled and as there is perfect human involvement in matters of offline proctoring it is not exactly scalable. Moreover, online proctored test is quite expensive. Therefore, you should stay ready for a hefty examination cost.

To conclude, remote proctoring is easier and economical for both the test taker and administer.From the view point of integrity and cheating during exams nothing stands in comparison to it. In terms of integrity of exam results, it is right up there while cutting down costs and providing enhanced level of customer satisfaction.

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