Reasons You Should Hire a Market Research Professional

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Monday, 10 February 2020

Though some of the firms progress well without taking help from a professional marketer, it is still advisable to hire one. Marketing is a complicated field pertaining to a range of strategies and how would they be implemented. Sometimes business runners think hiring a marketer increases the cost. For curbing costs, business owners themselves put marketing skills on tests, which affect them adversely in the longer run.

An experienced marketer with all its skill and knowledge can turn the business growth curve exponentially higher. As marketing involves taking a variety of strategic decisions for augmenting business visibility, establishing a brand presence, engaging potential customers and thereby incrementing revenue margin, therefore, it is always recommended to hire a professional market researcher for making standout marketing models.

Small business owners also should take the help of professional marketers for tackling marketing campaigns. Hiring a market research professional is similar to taking a guide for unknown treks. It is always good to take the help of the professionals. Below are the reasons mentioned for hiring a professional market researcher –

  1. Professionalism – An excellent market researcher brings professional expertise for success in the fields of design, implementation, and data analysis of research results. From deciding the project to completing it with utter precision, there will be times to take severe decisions. Marketing decisions are taken based on the results of quantitative and qualitative market research. Quantitative market research steers out the data in numerical form while qualitative research generates data based on the human experience. A professional market researcher’s role comes in action in this prospect. It directs a business owner on selecting the quantitative or qualitative research analysis for maximum benefits to the project.
  2. Sampling – Sampling stands for ‘Who’, meaning who would be the participants or respondents of the market research project. If market research is done without taking the help of a market researcher, then results are often manipulative. The sample consists of an existing client database – known as convenience sampling in the market research field. It is easy to reach such clients. But when a professional market researcher plays its role, proper sampling is done with the best outcomes. For some instances, convenience sampling might fetch the best results, like for conducting an employee or customer satisfaction survey, but when an entire population is considered, it is not the right choice of sampling.
  3. To Cross Over Complexities of Modern Marketing Strategies – Modern marketing strategies are taken using a wide variety of techniques, tools, skills and platforms. People work in a team to implement them – Like a digital marketing team comprises of experts with different skills and qualifications for tackling different tasks that are highly troublesome for a single person to manage even if the person has relevant qualifications. Trouble-free and uncomplicated marketing strategy making involves establishment of audience, branding the service for the audience, graphics design and collateral creation, an SEO friendly website that is sellable, promotion of the website, social media profile creation, creating brand presence, content generation, creating ads for paid platforms and managing ad spend and having control over authoritative links to the website. Implementation of all the above-stated marketing strategy asks for different skills for which professional assistance is required.
  4. Creating Content For Concreting Industry Authority – In modern days, content is one of the important aspects of marketing strategies as it formulates in solidifying authority over industry, engaging customers, circulating information about products and services, grabbing the attention of search engines with keywords. Hyper use of internet in the past decade has resulted in content saturation and users have become very selective on what to read. Non-specific content creation with relevant keywords in between is not enough to gather traffic. Content should be created in such a way that it targets a specific group of readers and the piece of writing should be free of grammatical or spelling mistakes. It is important to give accurate information for maintaining brand quality. The main motive of content marketing is to generate organic traffic for the website. When readers spend more time on the website they become interested in the products or services. This is why content marketing strategies are ever important. Only skilled and experienced content marketing experts are specialized with skills to generate the right kind of content for the aimed at the audience. It requires skills, training and in-depth knowledge to write starring content involving the perfect literary ornaments.
  5. For Producing Creative and Interactive Resources – Content marketing is not bounded to text. It is only one format of content marketing which is easy to create. Other content marketing strategies involve – Videos and tutorials, podcasts and live streams and infographics and animations. Whitepapers and research papers relevant to the industry are also a part of the content marketing strategy. Professional marketers are engrossed with skills on tools for producing visual and text content which are perfect for marketing.
  6. Social Media Branding – Social media sites have captured the attention of billions. It has made communication to the distant part of the world possible and thus has allowed businesses to reach probable customers on any part of the world. Through social media, businesses can engage with their audience on a regular basis, land professional/personal relationships, listen to customer recommendations and deliver solutions as fast as possible. Prompt services have attracted customers to gain attention to stay interested in the brand. It is already a known fact that the internet is not a safe place. Social media also falls under the radar of this. A minute mistake can cause businesses to fall. Hence, it is impeccable to hire an experienced social media professional who knows ins and outs of social media well. Have a complete understanding of most renowned platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for increasing the numbers of audiences and keeping them engaged. A knowledgeable social media expert has complete grips over paid ads, promoted content and other paid marketing options. Professional marketers know how to handle complaints and requests from customers on social media platforms. They know how to construct and hold on to the good reputation on social media platforms for maintaining brand authority. Professional marketers also use social media management tools for keeping a track of all this activity and overseas that everything stays perfect. This requires time and commitment and yields reward in turn. Some SME owners have difficulties in marketing on social media as they do not know how to manage their social media accounts. It is preferable to consult a professional for the time of updating, post content, respond and audience interaction.
  7. Professional Marketer For Brand And Website Fundamentals – Marketing campaigns often face failures due to the lack of a well-designed website and a perfectly trimmed brand presence. In the 21st century business, a website is the base of successful marketing campaigns. Websites must deliver to the cause of an excellent user experience. In terms of making a perfect website, it should have easy navigation bars, it should be mobile-friendly, SEO friendly takes minimum time to load across all platforms, aesthetically pleasing and has relevant information. A website designed by professional website developers and marketers include strategies like audience preferences, content type and services, display of products and services. They design the website according to a company’s ethics, goals, and message, giving details of the company location. 
  8. Marketers Research and Analyze Engagement Campaigns – At present, marketing strategies are not static. They are in constant motion. Marketing strategies are evolving every day according to the marketing factors like search engine regulations and target audience choices. A successful marketing campaign would face failure the next day. Increasing the numbers of marketing campaign ideas, experienced marketers provide the rightful solution. They are properly equipped with data, analytics and knowledge on regular market research trends for the purpose. Activities including the number of visitors (new and old), duration of their stay, bounce rates help marketers to boost website performance. Paid ad campaign performance help marketers to analyze if the ads are enough to generate ROI. Regular analytics help in determining the performance of the marketing campaigns and their ROIs. This acquired information further helps in content creation, planning of future marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. Not to over with the fact that hiring a professional market researcher ultimately saves money and time for a business. Successful marketing campaigns radically expand a business and save it from facing failure in the future. The successful marketing campaigns are mostly done by professionals.

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