Qualcomm Introduces the Snapdragon X Plus Laptop Platform

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 25 April 2024

Qualcomm has unveiled the Snapdragon X Plus, a new member of the Snapdragon X Series lineup. This expansion promises a major advancement in mobile computing capabilities by bringing state-of-the-art technology to the forefront.

The Qualcomm Oryon CPU, a custom chip designed to give a purported 37% gain in CPU performance over its competition while using up to 54% less power, is the brains behind the Snapdragon X Plus. This remarkable breakthrough in CPU performance raises the bar for mobile computing efficiency and enables users to accomplish more with less energy utilization.

Notably, the Qualcomm Hexagon NPU, which powers the Snapdragon X Plus, can process 45 TOPS (Trillions of Operations Per Second), making it optimized to handle the needs of on-device AI-driven apps. This opens the door for a new age of computing experiences driven by AI and makes it the fastest NPU for laptops in the world. The PC industry is about to change as a result of this invention.

Excitement about the possible impact of the Snapdragon X Plus was expressed by Kedar Kondap, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Compute and Gaming at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. He said, "Snapdragon X Series platforms deliver leading experiences and are positioned to revolutionize the PC industry." In this era of fast development and deployment, the Snapdragon X Plus will power AI-supercharged PCs that allow even more people to flourish as radical new AI experiences emerge.

During the launch event, Qualcomm Technologies showcased many AI-optimized applications and features of the Snapdragon X Plus. Among these were: - Code creation using Codegen in Visual Studio Code, which uses on-device generative AI to help programmers generate code instantly.

Using prompts or pre-existing compositions, Audacity's Riffusion on-device AI generates new music.
Live captioning in OBS Studio provides real-time, automated translation of 100 spoken languages into 100 different live captions in real-time during livestreams utilizing Whisper on-device.

It is predicted that mid-2024 would see the introduction of PCs with Snapdragon X Plus and devices with Snapdragon X Elite from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

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