Psychological Tactics used in Marketing

By Tanuja A Akkannavar Monday, 09 March 2020


The way of convincing the customers depends on the smart tactics used by a marketing executive. The same trick or concept cannot be used for every customer because the way of perception differs in every customer. To convince some customers it may an easy task, and also the marketing person may face difficulties in influencing another set of customers. Sometimes an individual handling the marketing may be unable to reach out to the customers in the right way or may lack those skills of convincing the existing customers or bringing in new customers. There are several tactics used by the marketing executives in convincing their customers, in the same while developing a marketing strategy the companies use various concepts to reach the customers.

The companies use certain psychological tactics in marketing to make their campaigns or products to reach their customers and make an instinct connection with them. For example a popular soap company, with the idea of showing younger-looking skin. In their marketing, it is shown as a woman is mistaken as a young girl and finally it is revealed that she is the mom of a young girl. Just by reading this example any individual can identify which product is this and the ads will suddenly pop up in your mind because the concept that is been used for several years with different storylines has left an imprint in the minds of the audience and also the customers. The companies design and develop their marketing strategies rely upon the required level of marketing and consumer psychology. Following are some of the Psychological Tactics used in Developing Marketing Strategies:

1. Understand Your Customers:

When a marketing person is talking to any existing customer or a new customer, first he should try to understand the needs of a customer. According to their needs, he can mould the concepts and make the customers believe that this is the right product or service they are looking for. Also, make them realize that this is the right product or service that is fitting correctly in their requirements. The way of understanding the customer’s desires and meeting their expectations is a skill and tactic that individuals dealing with marketing have to know well.

2.  Building Connection with Customers:

Find the similarities between the products and the customers, and later try to connect them and make the customers feel relatable with the concept used in the marketing campaign. A major element to be taken care of that can increase the demand for any product or service is building a strong connection with the customers.

3. Recognize Impulsive Buying Behavior:

Impulsive Buying Behavior is the most common consumer behaviour in today’s market. A customer with impulsive buying behaviour will not think about the pros and cons while buying a product, they just buy the products if they like it. They find it difficult in stopping themselves from impulse buying and without any second thoughts they spend on purchasing products. For example, an individual likes a book and feels an urge to buy that book. Though he/she knows very well that they will be unable to read that book due to heavy schedule or any other reason, but still due to their impulsive buying behaviour they end up buying that book.

4. Attract Customers:

The customers generally tend to feel attracted to the products they feel unique, attractive or different. If a product looks good or makes the customers look good catches the attention of a customer, at that moment you convince a customer to buy that product using your tactics. The companies have to come out with different concepts of attracting the audience; this strategy will help them to bring in new customers.

5. Create a Bond with Customers:

To convince any customer effortlessly, you have to build a bond with the customers. With this you can smartly and easily convince the customers in buying more products and also the customers may stay loyal to a company. If you build a bond when the same customer comes back to your store or company he/she will try to approach you first because they believe that you may provide them with the quality products.

Most of the psychological tactics used by the companies in marketing their products are inter-connected. And the marketing psychology facts and the demand for a product depending on the strategies developed by the companies and how are those strategies implemented by the marketing executives.

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