Opera One Emerges for iPhones as Apple Adopts EU's Digital Markets Act

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 29 January 2024

Apple has embraced the provisions of the European Union's Digital Markets Act by allowing iPhone users to opt for third-party app stores and select their preferred default web browser. In response to this development, Opera has introduced its AI-powered web browser named Opera One for iPhones, aligning with Apple's updated regulations.

Opera One, which is already accessible on Windows, has been designed to conform to Apple's new guidelines, providing users with the liberty to switch from Safari to an alternative browser. This marks a significant shift within the Apple ecosystem in compliance with EU regulations.

Described by Opera as an AI-centric web browser, Opera One capitalizes on the newfound freedom granted to users, enabling them to choose their default web browser. This move is a direct response to Apple's adherence to the Digital Markets Act, allowing app developers to create web browsers without being restricted to WebKit and integrating their proprietary technologies, thereby offering increased flexibility to developers.

To adhere to regulatory requirements, the AI-powered Opera One web browser will be exclusively operational within the European Union. From March 2024 onwards, iPhone users in the EU will be able to download Opera One on devices running iOS 17.4 or later versions.

However, developers, particularly those opting for a non-WebKit engine like Opera One, will initially be required to obtain authorization from Apple for their apps and services. This step is aimed at ensuring compliance with Apple's standards, emphasizing a delicate balance between providing users with choices and maintaining platform security.

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