OpenAI might reveal a rival to Google Search before Google I/O 2024

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 10 May 2024

According to a Reuters story that cited sources, OpenAI is about to unveil a new AI-powered search engine that might challenge Google's hegemony in the search industry. The news may be made public one day before Google's yearly I/O conference, which is set for May 14.

According to the source, the search product is an addition to OpenAI's popular ChatGPT product, which gives it access to direct online information and citations.

Despite its popularity, ChatGPT has had trouble delivering precise and timely online information. Prior to this, OpenAI has connected it with Microsoft's Bing for those who could afford it. Additionally, Google has added generative AI capabilities to its search engine.

Concurrently, the AI search firm Perplexity, established by a former researcher at OpenAI, has become well-known for its AI-native search interface. Ten million active consumers utilize the startup each month.

After its late 2022 launch, OpenAI's ChatGPT was the quickest app to reach 100 million monthly active users, although its traffic has subsequently fluctuated. An previous attempt to update and integrate real-world data into ChatGPT, the ChatGPT plugins were abandoned by OpenAI in April due to demand to increase its user base.

The present AI-generated search on Google

At the I/O developer conference last year, Google unveiled Generative Search. Users that choose to participate can access the functionality. Without requiring you to click on any links, the Google Generative Search Experience (SGE) offers a brief synopsis for a Google search query. Users can then look at the citations and enter in more inquiries within the search.

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