OpenAI Claims it Wants to be Safe and Announces a Delay for ChatGPT's Voice Mode Functionality

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 26 June 2024

The Voice Mode feature for ChatGPT has been delayed, according to OpenAI, who cited the necessity to resolve technical challenges and maintain a high level of quality. Released originally in late June, the business has now rescheduled the release until July, citing a focus on user experience and safety. Voice Mode was supposed to be made available to a limited number of ChatGPT Plus subscribers. It offers a genuine voice discussion experience. But OpenAI has made the decision to spend more time to improve the model's performance and make sure it satisfies their exacting launch requirements.

Before the functionality could be made available, OpenAI outlined the precise areas that needed to be improved in a post on the social networking site X.

"We need an additional month to achieve our bar for launch, since we had originally intended to begin rolling this out in alpha to a select number of ChatGPT Plus subscribers in late June. We're enhancing the model's capacity, for instance, to identify and reject particular types of material. The business stated, "We're also working on enhancing the user experience and setting up our infrastructure to scale to millions of users while preserving real-time responses."

It went on, "We'll launch the alpha with a limited number of people to gather input and grow based on what we learn as part of our iterative rollout plan. We want to provide access to all Plus users by autumn. Timeliness is contingent upon satisfying our strict standards for dependability and safety. We will update you on the rollout timeframe for the new video and screen sharing features that we separately demonstrated.

We are getting closer to having real-time, realistic interactions with AI thanks to ChatGPT's sophisticated Voice Mode, which can recognize and react to emotions and nonverbal clues. Our goal is to deliberately introduce you to these novel experiences."

With ChatGPT, users will be able to have more organic and lively chats thanks to the additional audio features. It will be possible for users to interrupt the AI while it is speaking and talk with ChatGPT in real time, both of which are essential for generating realistic and fluid interactions.

OpenAI is working on new video and screen-sharing features in addition to the Voice Mode. These improvements are a component of the business's larger plan to increase ChatGPT's usefulness and preserve its competitive advantage in the quickly changing AI market.

A new AI model called GPT-4o is set to be released in May, according to OpenAI. It will enable naturalistic voice interaction and discussion over text and images.

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