Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has become richer than Mukesh Ambani

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 19 June 2024

The CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang, had his net worth rise by more than $4 billion, making him the eleventh richest person in the world. This is his highest position to date on Forbes' real-time billionaire list, and it comes just after Nvidia overtook Apple as the most valuable public business in the world thanks to a spike in artificial intelligence.

On June 18, the company's shares saw a gain of more than 3%, and Jensen Huang's net worth surged to over $119 billion.

Since helping to start Nvidia in 1993, Jensen Huang has held the positions of president and chief executive officer. Since going public in 1999, the company's trading has increased significantly. Following a recent stock split by the business, Nvidia's share price dropped to $130 from above $1,200.

Is Mukesh Ambani wealthier than Jensen Huang? He currently ranks only behind former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in the Forbes rich list and is wealthier than Mukesh Ambani.How much stock does Jensen Huang own at Nvidia? 3% of Nvidia is owned by Jensen Huang.

Based on estimations from Forbes, his net worth was $77 billion at the beginning of 2024. Nevertheless, the market capitalization of the corporation has surged by 177% to $3.33 trillion.

Jensen Huang to liquidate Nvidia stock?In a securities filing made last month, the company did indeed announce that the chief technology officer would sell 600,000 shares of the business through March 2025.

How much has Jensen Huang's net worth grown since 2019? Forbes ranked Jensen Huang as the 546th richest person in the world in 2019. In five years, his net worth has risen by $114 billion. He was worth $21 billion last year, making him the world's 76th richest person.

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