Netflix to Soon Cease to Function on certain Apple TVs: Next Steps are as Follows

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 05 June 2024

Netflix has declared that it will no longer support a few Apple TV models from the earlier generations. According to an Apple Insider story, the business has already notified its clients via email of the same. The purpose of this action is to "maintain the best possible Netflix experience," it was disclosed. "Netflix will no longer be available on Apple TV (2nd generation) and Apple TV (3rd generation) after July 31, 2024," states the Netflix Support website.

Notably, Apple now refers to the first three models of Apple TVs as "obsolete." As a result, the IT giant ceased providing hardware support seven years after it stopped selling the item. Furthermore, Netflix no longer supports outdated TVs made by Vizio and Samsung.

Additionally, a Reddit member posted the email he got from Netflix. It said, "This email is being sent to you because you have previously used Apple TV (2nd generation) or Apple TV (3rd generation) with Netflix. Regretfully, on July 31, 2024, we will no longer be providing support for these devices. Although we understand that this may be annoying, we're taking these steps to guarantee you continue to have the greatest Netflix viewing experience.

The second version of Apple TV, which was released in 2010, has a resolution of 720p, whereas the third generation, which was released in 2012, can handle 1080p resolution. These TVs didn't come with a tvOS or tvOS app at launch. There used to be a ton of pre-installed apps on them.

Netflix has been contacted by Tech Today for a response.

After July 31, you will not be able to stream content on the platform if you are also using one of these two devices. Instead, you will need to upgrade your AppleTV or move to a smart TV that is compatible. Numerous smart TV alternatives are available from various companies, including Vizio, Sony, Samsung, TCL, LG, and more.

How to update Apple TV requirements

If the "Please update your device" message appears. Netflix no longer supports this version. To continue streaming Netflix, you will have to upgrade the program.

The easy ways to update your program are as follows:

1. Select Software Updates under Settings > System.
2. Choose "Update Software," followed by "Download and Install" for any updates that are available.


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