Native-Owned Osceola Consulting opens a new chapter on Morongo Indian Reservation

The area-based consulting services business, Osceola Consulting, launches a new division on the Morongo Indian Reservation in Banning, California. Headquartered in Tiburon, California, provides software and industrial services to account sectors. Lately, Osceola added to pay roll its first 20 local employees in and around Riverside County.Deployed to seaward technology centers The Technology Delivery Centre’s (TDC) software and technology services gets this work onshore to Riverside County. An assembly member Eduardo Garcia in a keynote addresses "The TDC will retain and develop high-value technology jobs locally in our region."

The chief of the California State Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy primly aims at recruitment, enhancement and unfolding latest industrial know-how and foreign and local industrial development.Assembly member Garcia explains, "I had a chance to visit with the Osceola Consulting team when they were still working on the build-out and staffing of the TDC." Adding to which he also says "I was delighted to learn of Osceola’s plans to collaborate with local universities, colleges and workforce development programs to provide training opportunities."

“Osceola Consulting is a good example of a business that can bring high-tech jobs to our region, and can benefit from workforce and business development programs," adds Garcia.Osceola Consulting allows the exclusive business model to maintain and amplify technology jobs onshore that can successfully accomplish offshore outsourcing, explained Osceola Consulting CEO Kevin Narcomey. Running off at the mouth the new Osceola office location, Narcomey topped off by appreciating the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, as well as Osceola clients: San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Gas Company and Pacific Gas & Electric Company for their eagerness to back up Osceola’s innovative TDC business model.

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