Microsoft Postpones AI Feature Launch in Response to Privacy Concerns

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 14 June 2024

Because of privacy concerns, Microsoft has chosen to delay the release of "Recall," an AI-powered tool that tracks computer activity. The feature, which was originally slated to launch on new PCs the following week, will now be tested with a more limited audience via the Windows Insider Program, the firm revealed on Thursday.

Privacy Issues

Users' online surfing and voice conversations are tracked by the Recall function, which saves a searchable history on the computer. Users are able to remember previous actions even months later because to this.

However, worries over user security and privacy have surfaced, as detractors worry that it can result in possible eavesdropping. Elon Musk, the billionaire tech tycoon, compared the movie to a "Black Mirror episode," alluding to the apocalyptic television series.

The decision to postpone was made, according to Microsoft, "because we want to ensure that all customers have a reliable, secure, and robust experience." We also wanted to gather further input before releasing the functionality to all Copilot+ PC users.

Instead of being widely accessible on June 18, as originally scheduled, the feature will now only be available for preview on the Windows Insider Program (WIP) in the upcoming weeks.

A class of personal computers called the Windows Insider Program Copilot+ PCs was introduced in May and comes with cutting-edge AI capabilities. Millions of Windows aficionados may sample new enhancements for the operating system through the Windows Insider initiative, a public software testing initiative.

Microsoft intends to release the Recall preview to all Copilot+ PCs in the near future after input from the WIP community.

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