Meta Introduces the Real-time Imagine Generator and Llama 3: Details

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 19 April 2024

In an effort to catch up to OpenAI in the quickly developing field of artificial intelligence (AI), Meta unveiled Llama 3, its most recent big language model, along with a real-time Image generator. The recently released models will be included into Meta AI, the company's virtual assistant, which it claims is the most sophisticated among its free-to-use competitors.

"We've integrated Llama 3 into Meta AI, our intelligent assistant, that expands the ways people can get things done, create, and connect with Meta AI," the business stated on its website. By employing Meta AI for coding assignments and problem-solving, you may observe directly how well Llama 3 performs.

The statement went on, "Llama 3 in both 8B and 70B will offer the capabilities and flexibility you need to develop your ideas, whether you're developing agents or other AI-powered applications.

In spite of the fact that OpenAI is a competitor, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated that Meta AI is "the most intelligent AI assistant that you can freely use."

Llama 3: What is it?

The most recent in Meta's Llama line of open-source AI models, Llama 3 is available in two versions: one with 8 billion parameters, and the other with 70 billion parameters, which represent the "knowledge" the model gains via training.

Llama 3: Training and technical requirements

Llama 3 has grouped query attention (GQA) for both the 8B and 70B parameter models and employs a tokenizer with a vocabulary of 128,000 words. According to Meta, sequences of 8,192 tokens are used to train the models. According to the business, approximately 15 trillion tokens make up the training data for Llama 3, which was obtained from publicly accessible data. 

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