Meta and Adobe join hands to provide creative and marketing skills to small businesses

Tech giants Meta and Adobe on Wednesday has announced that they have teamed up for a training programme, Express Your Brand, that provides free education as well as tools to help small business owners (SBOs) easily and confidently grow their businesses online.

The year-long initiative will couple tangible skills training with inspiration and community-building to empower small businesses across the country.

"As a part of this effort, Adobe announced partnership with Meta to provide resources, tools and community to support a diverse community of small businesses. This includes granting business owners a one-year premium subscription to Adobe Express," the company said in a statement

Introduced last year, Adobe Express is a new unified task-based web and mobile product that makes it easy to create and share beautiful, rich, multimedia content.

The programme, which kicks off on May 17, will cover a wide range of essential digital marketing topics.

The monthly training sessions tackle how to build a brand, the art of driving engagement on Instagram, how to develop personalised ads through Ad Manager, and so much more.

Community is also an essential part of the Express Your Brand programme. The centralised hub will house all training sessions, as well as create a forum to connect SBOs with one another to personalise the learning experience.

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