Market your presence on Instagram!

By Team CR Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Market your presence on Instagram!

“The play button is the most compelling Call-To-Action on the web.”- Michael Litt. One of the greatest secrets of having a successful business in the era of digitalization is to be where your customers are. It is the in-depth comprehension of the tech-savvy market and to use technology as a leverage. One such contemporary method of marketing is through the use of various social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, etc have all proven to be excellent promotional channels for online marketing of brands and businesses. Although, out of these, one such social media platform that helms the sphere of digital marketing is Instagram.

Instagram Marketing has become an essential tool in the online promotional kit for all brands across the globe. It caters to a massive population and thus generates larger traffic to your brand. The popular social media platform helps businesses boost their promotional content in several forms, such as, through Instagram Stories, Posts, IGTV, or even Instagram Videos. It allows you to be as creative with your feed as you can and assists you in attaining maximum customer engagement. Courtesy the well-engineered Instagram algorithm, it has become extremely simple and economical to execute a marketing strategy on the respective social media platform. You can also be equipped for making your own videos from scratch with the availability of the newest promo video makers, Instagram video editors, and Instagram ads tutorials.

With a catchy-feed on Instagram, brands can now establish communities and not just potential markets. Your marketing strategy must have an integrated approach to take maximum advantage of the various tools of Instagram. For instance, Instagram posts are a good way to be as creative with content as possible. Your supporting imagery must be appealing and should resonate with the look and feel of your brand. Video Marketing is yet another excellent tool that provides you the power to tell your brand’s story. Every video has a pre-established storyboard. A video without a story is less impactful. One can choose from a diverse range of promo video templates and find what suits their brand best. Video marketing stimulates exponential growth and audience engagement at a rapid pace since it is more personalized and seeks more traffic.

Igtv and Insta feed, what’s the difference?

There are multiple types of videos that you can make in order to promote your brand on Instagram. It can be as simple as a short promo video that showcases the USPs of your product or a fairly larger igtv video with animations, graphics, and other forms of content. Any form of video on your feed is more likely to be featured on the search tab of Ig as compared to a static image. The Instagram video editor helps you adjust, crops your videos as per your need so that your feed looks systematic and trendy. Most brands prefer marketing their products through short videos in the feed since it has a lesser bounce rate. On the contrary, Igtv videos are of longer durations but can be equally catchy provided that the content and the footages used in the video are error-free top-notch.

Instagram Stories

Stories on Instagram are a series of images or videos that one wishes to upload for a span of 24 hours. You can also archive your videos so that they remain intact on your Ig page for as long as you desire. A feature on Instagram that most brands use for boosting sales is the “Swipe up” button that can be embedded below the image or video that you upload on your story. This function allows your viewers and followers to swipe up and directly land on your official website or any other page as per your instruction.

Instagram Marketing is no rocket science and here are some tools and programs that shall help you create your own promotional video for Instagram. This is the Ig Video Marketing starter-pack 101.

Promo Video Templates

Video Marketing on Instagram has become remarkably easier due to the availability of a wide array of promo video templates. Saving an abundance of man hours, many tools and websites offer a diverse collection of promotional video templates. From wanting a sports brand video template to a real-estate agency video template, everything is available on the internet today.

Instagram Video Editor

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of hiring an expensive motion graphic designer, various video editing tools are an economic alternative. The Instagram video editor is also an intuitive and user-friendly software through which you can create a simple yet attractive video under minutes.

Instagram Ads Tutorials

YouTube is one of the best professors of the digitalized era. You can make professional videos for Youtube with various Youtube editors available in the market. You can look up various Instagram Ads tutorials that help you create an Instagram-worthy advertising video. With a step-by-step guide, you can soon master the art of video making. Do not hesitate to experiment. Whether you are a minimalist or an extravagant personality, make sure that your promo video always resonates with customer behavior for optimal brand placement

Some other forms of promotional videos are testimonial videos, teasers, time-lapse, logo revealers, advertisements, and short films. In conclusion, Video marketing is an ever-expanding domain of content creation that aims at increasing brand awareness, customer affinity, and sales. Exhibit the best of your creativity and leverage your business with video marketing on Instagram.

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