Launching a Unity-based SDK, Metaplay Aims to Help Grow Mobile Games

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 22 January 2024

To assist developers in scaling their mobile games, Metaplay, a company well-known for its completely configurable backend for game creation, has released an SDK based on Unity.

The Metaplay SDK was created over four years in partnership with premier game studios in Helsinki, such as Metacore, Dodreams, and Nitro. Its goal is to enable developers and studios to produce high-caliber online mobile games that can expand as their business does.

"Since 2019, we've mostly been working with a few hand-picked game studios in Helsinki to build a game-making platform that, once they start using it, they can't imagine their life without it," stated Teemu Haila, Co-Founder and CPO of Metaplay.

"With confidence, both they and we can state that the outcome is superior than anything else available. We are now ecstatic to present Metaplay to the world and are looking forward to everyone witnessing the amazing things that can be accomplished with it.

Customizable and completely expandable processes, libraries, and tooling that were previously exclusive to high-end studios are introduced with the new SDK. Professional game developers can use it to create anything from straightforward single-player games to intricate real-time multiplayer games.

The difficulties and costs associated with testing new game concepts that arise from the increasing saturation of mobile gaming are addressed by Metaplay. Often, in order to quickly build a minimal viable product, developers turn to low-cost backend technology. Scaling, however, frequently presents a serious difficulty when a title becomes extremely popular quickly.

The answer provided by Metaplay is a comprehensive and ready-made upgrade path that enables developers to easily expand their game's backend as it expands. The SDK is divided into four sections that cover every facet of game creation, from player support and LiveOps to the first lines of code.

The Metaplay-provided C# game server comes pre-configured with all the features of premium games, but it may be totally customised and expanded. The source code can be deployed onto the developer's own cloud, giving them complete control over their game and data. This allows developers to simply add new features and alter current ones.

CEO and co-founder of Metaplay Petri Kero said, "We got tired of black-box backends holding us back when we were trying to make games." In order to provide developers with everything they need to create a top-grossing game, we created Metaplay, a full-stack platform.

"Taking Metaplay global and assisting developers in achieving true scale without having their creative vision restricted" has always been our mission. To democratize game production, Metaplay's SDK, which offers access to a comprehensive set of backend technologies and tools, starts at €995 per month. Studios are able to concentrate on marketability, innovative game concepts, and optimizing the likelihood of their game's success thanks to this strategy.


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