KITE Develops a Cutting-edge AI Engine to Counteract Student Misinformation

By Consultants Review Team Saturday, 01 June 2024

When people look for information online in the digital era, search engines frequently return a mixture of pertinent and irrelevant results, which can occasionally cause misinformation to propagate. Kerala Information and Technology Education (KITE) is leading a groundbreaking attempt to solve this dilemma. For a state education department, they are creating the nation's first artificial intelligence engine to guarantee that pupils are given accurate and reliable information.

"The AI engine is still in its early stages of development. Large Language Models (LLM) are potent deep-learning models that have been extensively pre-trained on large datasets. KITE CEO Anwar Sadath told TNIE, "Our main goal is to give users objective information through our portal."

According to Anwar, the procedure entails educating the AI engine using the data and information found in Kerala's websites and curriculum. "Inadequate training would lead to the distribution of biased information. Therefore, the goal of this initiative is to do away with algorithmic prejudice," he states.

Anwar went on to say that poor algorithm training is the root cause of algorithmic bias. For example, because of its inadequate training, the LLM can display a combination of validated and unvalidated material when a user searches for information about a historical event.

Additionally, KITE intends to link the Samagra site to the AI engine."The AI engine project will evolve gradually, similar to Samagra, which has been meticulously developed by KITE under the Public Education Rejuvenation Mission of the state government over a two-year period," adds Anwar.

Samagra is a one-stop digital library covering every topic from Class I to Plus-II. It provides instructional materials for Keralan schools that are based on the syllabus. Instructors provide a variety of educational resources and interactive information that is open to students.

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