IPC marks transformation and expanded focus on compliance and communications within financial markets community


Marking a milestone in its transformation, global financial markets technology and service provider, IPC Systems, Inc. has recently launched their new brand identity and focus on "Connecting Opportunities."  The rebrand follows its acquisition of Etrali Trading Solutions earlier this year.  It represents a strategic evolution reflecting an enhanced focus on customer solutions in the areas of compliance and regulatory adherence, the financial markets community, and communications.

"Our new branding builds on our legacy and highlights our focus on innovation with a strong vision for the future," said Neil Barua, CEO of IPC.  "Our deep portfolio of products and services is specifically built to serve and empower the global financial community. As growing compliance and regulatory adherence make our clients' every day communications more complex, we deliver real solutions to these challenges.  We are excited about this next phase of our global transformation and we look forward to developing the solutions our customers need in this evolving marketplace.

IPC's new march forward highlights the company's strategic focus on three main areas:

·         Connecting the Global Financial Community: With the financial markets in a state of constant evolution, everyone needs global access and IPC operates one of the largest, most secure financial communities in the world. It facilitate services to over 6,000 market participants in 700 cities in 60 countries across six continents It provides them with access to critical information, while securely connecting them to a network of successful opportunities.

·         Exchanging Information: IPC's deep portfolio of products and services are designed to allow customers to communicate, exchange information and conduct business. Our networking, software and interfaces help create productive interactions, deep client relationships and a competitive advantage.

·         Mitigating Risk: IPC helps firms mitigate risk and turn an obligation into a competitive advantage. By continually interpreting regulatory guidelines in a dynamic global landscape, IPC develops and integrates innovative compliance solutions for our clients.

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