Introducing Logi AI, your AI-Mouse from Logitech

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 18 April 2024

Industry participants are working to integrate generative AI into personal computers as the artificial intelligence (AI) age progresses. Experts surmise that with these developments, PCs may be equipped with more sophisticated technology in addition to a Copilot key on their keyboards. It's said that Logitech is planning to provide a new method for calling ChatGPT. The new artificial intelligence (AI) tool is called Logi AI Prompt Builder, and it will employ a special mouse or keyboard button

Does Logitech use AI?

It appears that the Logi AI prompt builder offers predefined "recipes" to assist with prompting the chatbot in addition to enabling users to interact with it. If a user were to add an AI button to a Logitech mouse, for instance, they might instruct the mouse to "Rephrase" paragraphs of text, convert them into bullet points, condense and shorten them, or fit inside a predetermined word count.

Another use of these AI-generated "recipies" was in the summarization of press releases by users. Furthermore, ChatGPT Plus customers have the option to personalize an additional recipe for creating images.

What is Logitech's next technology?

According to Logitech, they also want to market at least one mouse that has an AI button on it. Users won't have to map the prompt builder for this AI button.The new mouse is an AI version of the M750 model, and it can be launched instantaneously with a teal key.

It is said that the mouse will only cost around $49.99 or £54.99 in the US and the UK, respectively.  Moreover, Logi AI Prompt Builder is exclusive to ChatGPT. At first, it is limited to understanding English. But Logitech made no mention of any future plans to develop a way to integrate the new AI mouse with other chatbots.

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