Indian Users of WhatsApp will Soon be Able to Make International Transaction

By Consultants Review Team Wednesday, 27 March 2024

WhatsApp is constantly striving to enhance its overall user experience and has already announced a number of innovations. According to recent rumors, the instant messaging company is currently making an effort to facilitate its users' overseas transactions.

AssembleDebug on X, a tipster, claims that WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will enable users in India to use the service to send and receive money internationally. The Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is now a feature of the app, will enable this.

Indian bank account customers will be able to send money overseas using this service, which the tipster claims will be named International Payments. Nevertheless, this feature will only be available in nations where banks have activated international UPI services.

According to a screenshot that the leaker released, users will need to manually activate the option that allows for foreign payments. It may also be necessary for users to select how long they want the feature to remain active.

In addition, the source mentioned that WhatsApp might provide this feature for as long as three months, in contrast to Google Pay's seven-day transaction window. Notably, comparable services are already provided by other well-known UPI participants in India, like PhonePe and Google Pay. Take this information with a grain of salt, as neither WhatsApp nor the other beta testers have formally confirmed the feature.

In a similar vein, it was recently revealed that WhatsApp intends to make significant design adjustments to the status update interface. According to recent reports, users of the messaging platform may soon be able to quickly switch between the different kinds of content they choose to submit as their status.

As seen by the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android update, which is currently accessible on the Google Play Store, WhatsApp is reportedly investigating additional features to improve users' experience with status updates, according to a report in WA Beta Info. The update demonstrates WhatsApp's work on creating a new status update interface.

A graphic that the outlet posted indicates that WhatsApp is working on a new composer for status updates that would let users choose several media formats to publish. Users may find the sharing choices for text, videos, and photographs at the bottom of the status update screen. They can quickly choose the kind of media they wish to share from this point on.

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