Indian Acquired 100 patents for 6G Technology

By Samrat Pradhan, Content Writer Friday, 17 March 2023

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has urged firms to develop female leadership and explore potential in the ocean economy. According to IT and Communication Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, Indian scientists, engineers, and academicians have obtained 100 patents for 6G technology.

Speaking at the PHD Chamber of Commerce's Bharat Startup Summit, the minister stated that India is leading the globe in 5G technology with the fastest network rollout. "Despite the intricacy of electronics, our scientists, engineers, and academicians have collectively secured 100 patents in 6G," Vaishnaw stated.

The minister stated that the 5G network rollout had significantly beyond the government's target of 200 cities by March 31, 2023, with coverage currently in 397 cities. He stated that India has grown to USD 3.5 trillion and that it may become the world's greatest economy via revolution in governance, infrastructure, and business.

"When a country or economy has to attain this level then hundreds of systems are required to be modified. Governance systems, logistical systems, banking systems, and changes in one's own business technique are all examples of this. This is the time for everyone to embark on this transformational adventure. If we can complete this change, there is no force that can prevent India from becoming a USD 30 trillion economy," Vaishnaw stated.

According to the minister, 99 percent of mobile phones were imported ten years ago, but now 99 percent of handsets used in India are manufactured domestically. He blasted the Congress party, accusing it of being too relaxed about mobile phone manufacture in the country.

"I remember sitting in on any debate 10 years ago. It has been stated that mobile penetration is high. People use it, yet it cannot be manufactured. This is how Congress perceived the process. "Now that there is a major change, we can make it," Vaishnaw remarked. He also stated that India has begun exporting telecom products to the United States.

"Radio equipment export from India has begun in the recent 7-8 months, and that too to America," Vaishnaw remarked. Union Minister Jitendra Singh has urged firms to develop female leadership and explore potential in the ocean economy. "In the next 3-4 years, we will have ocean startups. "We have 7,500 miles of coastline, more than any other country," he remarked. According to Singh, the ocean has more minerals than the Indian peninsula's land. "There's a lot of money there-minerals, metals, living and non-living stuff. "You'll become a global exporter of fisheries and fish food," he predicted.

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