Importance of Content Marketing for Business Growth

By Sthitaprajnya Panigrahi Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Estimated to be an industry of 4.2 billion users, the internet is thriving every single day affecting enormously our standard and style of living. Staying glued to gadgets almost all the time, the internet has become the medium to reach each other out in the current generation. Taking advantage of the emersion of the internet into our daily lives, marketers and advertisers are opting for digital marketing to reach out to a greater number of consumers. Proving quite beneficial till now, digital marketing is becoming a successful advertising phenomenon grabbing the attention of many business organizations to highlight their brands and products.

One of the strategies of digital marketing, content marketing is considered as one of the most effective forms of marketing in terms of gaining an audience and higher revenue generation. More than 85 percent of B2B marketers prefer to invest in content marketing as it can successfully generate more qualified leads. Granting much-needed promotion of products and services, content marketing is an essential long term strategy for the advertisers who seek to reach out to a greater audience.

To understand a little more about content marketing and its importance in achieving business goals, the few points mentioned below might be relevant.

  1. Brand Promotion: A positive reputation of a brand is an obligatory requirement for any business. Great content can not only build the brand name in the action-packed digital domain but escalate brand recognition and promotion.
  2. Business Lead Generation: A good content ensures maximum traffic generation to the websites, which is essential to cement the stability of the business in the market. Creative and innovative content highlights the smart features of the products and services before the consumers, which attract the potential buyers to the website causing a wider range of customer base.
  3. More Influence over Customers: If the content is more about just selling the product then the idea of marketing might fail because as per a recent study about 62 percent of users don’t proceed further on the website if they find content boring and extremely business-oriented. Through content marketing, a business possesses a chance to build credibility along with the customers. An impactful content can influence and persuade the visitors to turn into consumers, who keep coming back to the web-portal.
  4. Prominent among the Key-Players: Content should be unique. While marketing, the content can describe all the services offered by the company and how it remains excluded from the other prominent players of the industry through its impeccable services. Consumers always want to know what distinctive services they can be assured by the business, and content marketing just does the job.
  5. Low Investments, High Returns: Digital marketing costs lesser than traditional marketing strategies, but it has certainly a greater capability of persuasion to the consumers. Investing a comparatively smaller amount in it, a marketer can reap a good amount of profits and returns.
  6. Reaching Out to the Target Audience: The main motive behind an advertisement is to attract potential buyers which content marketing handles rather proficiently. Not only will it demonstrate the business expertise of the company before the world, but it will also figure out the set of audiences based on their choice and preferences.

A valuable, consistent, and relevant factor, content is now an important feature of digital marketing. They say, ‘Content is King,’ which is true in every aspect. Be it e-mail marketing, chatbots, social media marketing, or PPC ads, everywhere contents are a must. To take the business to the next level by digital marketing, every business must opt for quality and engaging content which will highlight the brand of the company in the market.

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