How Virtual Tours Help Realtors Sell More Homes

By Consultantsreview Team Wednesday, 15 September 2021

How Virtual Tours Help Realtors Sell More Homes

With the advances in technology over the last few years, virtual tours are becoming an increasingly popular way to showcase a house for sale. Here are 4 reasons realtors can sell more homes due to virtual tours taking place. To help clients sell their home faster

Sets You Apart from Other Realtors

While virtual tours are becoming more common, not every realtor is including this as part of a service they offer for sellers. AZ Flat Fee realtors help clients sell homes, and they explain that having video walkthroughs as a service is a great way to stand out from the competition in the area and attract more clients.

Providing 3D tours can be a big perk for clients, because if you include this service, it means that they do not need to leave their house every time someone wants to view it.

More People Can See the House

If the only way to really see what the property looks like is to visit the house in person, you will extremely limit your pool of prospects. Even though most people do like to physically see a house before they buy it, having a virtual tour available online allows even more people to view the home you’re selling.

People from out of state (and even the country) can get a good idea of what the house looks like, and then if they are serious about wanting to make an offer, they can dedicate time to seeing it in person. The more people that a realtor can get to view the house online, the better chance of finding the right buyer for the house so that it can sell for asking price or even go into a bidding war.

Makes it Simple to View the Same House Multiple Times

How often have you experienced your client asking you if they can view a specific property again, because they think it might be “the one?” 3D tours are a lifesaver here, because clients can spend as long as they want in front of the computer examining their potential new home.

This helps to reduce the amount of time realtors need to take their clients back to houses they’ve already seen, allowing the realtor more bandwidth to take on more clients and sell more. Of course, if a client is wanting to see a house multiple times, you should still be willing to take them.

Can Show Clients More Homes

When a realtor needs to physically meet up with buyers to tour every house they are potentially interested in, that can take up a significant amount of time. Even though the house showing itself might only take 15-20 minutes, you still need to account for the drive time to and from the house. If you end up seeing multiple houses in one day with your client, it can turn into an entire afternoon.

With the ability to robustly view a home through virtual software online now, this can greatly reduce the amount of time you and your client need to physically meet up to view a house.

Instead, homebuyers can look online and get a detailed view of the home inside and out before ever stepping foot into the neighborhood. If they end up really liking a specific house online, you can then arrange to see it in person with them.

Rather than spending hours driving in the car, you have the opportunity to show your clients more houses, because they can view them online.


When it comes to home buying, 43% of buyers view properties online before talking to an agent or scheduling a house visit. If you want to sell more homes, consider offering 3D tours of the homes you’re selling. It’s a great way to get more eyeballs on the property, which can result in selling the home for a higher price point.

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