How to Run a Business through your Smartphone

By Rohan A T Thursday, 20 May 2021

Technological advancements and Innovations have helped business leaders to take their businesses to greater heights consistently. With new opportunities to experiment and push the boundaries of conventional business operations right around the corner, it is also a good thing to know that many entrepreneurs are themselves finding out new equations to optimize their business models and tap into often unknown potential of the business. One thing that the recent pandemic outbreak and the resulting lockdown has helped businesses to understand is the vast opportunities and advantages of working in the virtual space. This time has also allowed business leaders to try out different combinations within the virtual space and things have gone a long way now, entrepreneurs are willing to try out to run their entire business operations through smartphones itself. Before looking at the things that you should know about while running a business through smartphones or the apparent advantages of doing this, let’s look at some of the businesses that have a better chance of being successful if they are running their business operations using smartphones.

1. Event Planning: This is one business segment that has seen a drastic increase in the number of players operating in this stratum. With more players aiming to enter this industry, then running your entire event management services including contacting the client and the needed vendors through your smartphone itself offers a plethora of advantages.

2. mCommerce Seller: With more and more buyers starting to buy products through online, you can use popular e-commerce sites like eBay an Olx to sell and buy goods.

3. Content Creators: If you are aiming to be a content creator, then there are a plethora of smartphones that are out there in the market that are capable of shooting, editing, and uploading content that are top-notch. Even though, it is not a typical business, content creators can really do their operations using smartphones itself and earn.

With the corporate entering a new space in the post pandemic world, it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to try out new business ideas

4. Tech Support: Entrepreneurs that are tech savvy can offer tech support to their clients using a smartphone itself and this business opportunity can be expanded through your smartphone itself.

These businesses are some of the many that are suitable to be operated through smartphones. Now, let’s take a look at some of the business advantages that operating a business using smartphone can offer.

1. Greater Flexibility: This is one of the most obvious business advantages of running a business using your smartphone. The opportunity that a smartphone provides to work from anywhere at any time helps business professionals to improve the flexibility of their operations.

2. Reduced Cost: Owing to the fact that you don’t need to have a physical space to run your operations in itself will help you to reduce cost of your operations drastically and this will help you to reduce the overall expenses of the company as well.

3. Saving Time: Owing to the fact that the business operations are done through your phone, you can save yourself a lot of time and in the business world where time is money, a business that is operated using smartphones can help you to reduce your operational time.  

4. Optimized Performance: All the above-mentioned points help a business leader to optimize your business and run your businesses in an optimal manner.

With the corporate entering a new space in the post pandemic world, it is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to try out new business ideas.

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