How To Manage Talent In The Millennial Era

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Wednesday, 04 September 2019


Aveek Pal Chaudhuri

It is a tough job for human resource leaders in this era to find the right talent for the right job. As at this time, the talents consist mostly of the millennial generation that saw the rise of many technologies – introduction of android, self-driving cars, 3-D printing, social media, Bluetooth, fiber optics, etc., it has become a tricky task for HR leaders to compete with other employers and satisfy the tech crunch of the millennial at workplace. Another significant change that is noticed among millennial workers is that they are not afraid to change jobs – job-hopping has become a part and parcel of their life. If they feel that the job role in which they are working does not fulfill their demands or does not meet their expectations, they are more than ready to welcome new opportunities.

How To Overcome This Situation?

  1. Give them a pleasing work culture. Provide a workspace that embraces their beliefs and values. This will definitely create a fulfilling place for them to work. Create a workplace where they can learn and acquire new skills. No matter how much you pay them, (of course you have to follow the salary structure set by the government) but if you give them the opportunity to learn and if you invest in their training, they will happily do the work for you. As they will get a sense of security.
  2. Another important criterion to keep the millennial generation engaged at work for you is to give them recognition and a healthy work-life balance. If you treat them like a friend and ask them what would they prefer for a brilliant workday, what they want to achieve in their career or are they getting sufficient credits for their work, they will feel more connected to their work.
  3. More often give them an option to work from home/remotely, so that they can spend time with important parts of their life while working or they can look after their family. You will find they are completing tasks with ease.
  4. Take the help of software to recognize the perfect millennial talent and manage them. Talent management software will help to obtain more sustainable business for your company and will make your talent management processes more streamlined. While recruitment, try to use software tools. These tools will help to start from onboarding, training, performance management and succession management by making them automated.
  5. Give the millennial generation a plethora of perks and benefits. Build gyms, playing grounds, food plazas, etc. to keep them occupied during free hours. This will help them to kill time and also keep them refreshed at the same time.
  6. Strategic talent management is another way to reduce employee turnover. If you strategize before hiring, it will help you use your employees at their peak level. And they will also feel aggravated to work more.
  7. Conduct performance review sessions. Performance review sessions help employees to understand where they are missing out and what should they do to earn more appreciation and recognition. Also, employees with standout performances will definitely thrive to do more in order to maintain their position.
  8. Team outing is another way to balance workload. This is an efficient way to take off the work pressure from employee's shoulders and help them to refresh their minds and make them feel a connection with their souls.
  9. Sit with your employees and have off the work talks. Get to know them personally and realize their ambitions. This will make them feel at home and they will feel energetic to stay aligned with their ambitions. They will recognize their connections with life.
  10. Motivate employees to read books, biographies of successful people. This will ignite a sense of doing something good with their lives and henceforth they will also realize what habits they need to adapt to do so. They will realize the value of teamwork and also, reading books will somewhat instill leadership qualities among the employees.
  11. Create a wave of works for your employees. Neither give them too much work nor give them less work. Of course, there will be times of overloaded works, but try to prioritize work for them beforehand.
  12. Let them decide how to dress at work. Either they want to dress like aristocrats or they would rather stay funky. It’s their soul and let them decide what to do. They will actually appreciate your measures.

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