How to Find Best Overseas Education consultants Around You?

By Disha Gogoi Thursday, 08 August 2019

When a student for overseas education, he/she deals with a dilemma with no clarity about the path to take to reach one’s goal. An education consultant plays an important role in assisting your overseas education journey and guiding you through the right path. Hence, an education consultant’s importance cannot be overlooked.

If you consider the present scenario, where the market is flooded with too many consultant overseas education consultancies, the choice of the best education consultant becomes a magnanimous task. We often see that in this confusion the candidates’ runs from pillar to post search the clarity. Be careful while choosing the overseas education consultant and it is generally considered as a tough row to hoe. It is sensible to choose a consultant on the three factors that are trust, reality check, and delivery. So, let’s discuss how to choose the right consultant for your study abroad journey –

1. Know the background: This is the most important factor one must remember while choosing educational consultants for overseas education. Whether it’s a one-man consultancy or a full phased agency, one must know the background of a consultant. This includes the experience, checking the success track record of the consultant in terms of placements or admission, and visa success rates. One should also check and know since how long the consultant is into this business of international student recruitment.

2. Know what they are associated with: It’s necessary to know if a consultant is associated with any national or international organizations that work for the welfare of the student community. And also pay attention to the things that they are offering - things which include help in the visa approval, admission process, getting accommodation, and once you complete your education, they can help you get the job as well. Make sure you go through all these factors carefully because it will help you make the right decision.

3. Know what others speak: You may find all the details like a consultant’s profile, the services it delivers, its admission and visa success rates mentioned in its website or social media pages but this is not enough. One should go through at what others speak about a consultant like testimonials by successful students, users’ reviews over Google and other platforms, etc. This gives an unbiased view so you can be sure about their trustworthiness in the business.

4. Pay attention and ask questions:  A good reputation and trustworthy overseas educational will assist you and understand each and everything in a detailed manner. While meeting with educational consultants make sure you ask all the necessary questions. Like you can ask about the course, the country where you can study, which university to choose and how to apply for it. You can also ask about the possibility of acceptance or rejection, and the backup plan in case of rejection of application or visa.  However, it is a wise idea to plan and prepare your questions before you meet educational consultants.

5. Cross-check its role in respect of the travel abroad program learning program: See to what extent they will support your fees transfer and help to attain students’ visa. And In case, you choose to go for an English speaking nation; see to what extent the concerned overseas educational consultants will cater to your needs for test preparation classes and free online test preparation. Because helping you during a series of preparation also happens to be one of its responsibilities.

And last but not the least, Make sure the consultancy fits into your budgetary needs. It is important to assess if the educational consultant's fee structure falls within your means.



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