How To Create The Best Wedding Video Ever

By Consultantsreview Team Thursday, 17 June 2021

How To Create The Best Wedding Video Ever

Creating the best wedding video is a tactful task as a wedding video is a lifetime memory for the bride and groom. Substantially, wedding videos are great for capturing authentic moments with your guests and sharing your ceremony with distant loved ones. From the engagement, wedding invitations, wedding vows to the reception; a lot happens at the wedding. Click here to save all the precious memories and use a video maker to edit them in the order of events for the best wedding video ever.

Though the video is a part of your entire wedding process, it lets you document the journey of your marriage. Furthermore, editing plays an important role. Whether you hire a videographer or make your video using an online video maker, it is always great to have some ideas to capture those precious moments of your life. Below is a checklist to create the best wedding video ever.

Before The Wedding

1. Capture The Proposal

A proposal is a moment when either the groom or bride confesses their love, making it an extraordinary moment in a person's life. Thus, to capture the proposal, either film it lives or re-enact the moment to make it look more beautiful on film.

2. Innovatively Save the Date

To save your wedding date:

  1. Tell the story of your journey through title cards.
  2. Involve your friends, family, and relatives by asking them to introduce themselves, say their role in the wedding, gather testimonials, and ask them to explain how they know the bride or groom in the video.
  3. Ask them to add a piece of advice about marriage along with good wishes.

Ensure you include a large and legible text of your names, the wedding venue address, the ceremony date, and time. You can choose from a variety of templates to come up with the thumbnail of your video. Make a video using whichever software comes in handy for you.

During the Wedding

1.  Make a Wedding Trailer Using Your Video Maker

The wedding trailer helps you capture the emotions felt during the period. Thus, create a story chronologically using dialogues, music, and various clips throughout the special day. It may not be great on your first attempt, but with time, you will gain experience.

During the Wedding

2.   Make a Hashtag

A unique wedding hashtag helps you identify the videos of your ceremony and reception taken by your guests. Hashtags also help your videos become more visible on social media. Ensure you choose an attractive hashtag for your wedding. 

3. Be Sentimental by Honouring Your Loved Ones

Though the sky's the limit, for a unique video, honor your loved ones by mentioning them in the video. As sharing is caring, share all the beautiful moments with your friends, family, and relatives. Not only will it make them happy but also it will excite them to like and share your video. In case you do not have their videos, add their photos to your video slideshow.

4. Record the Ceremony

If you plan to make a video of the ceremony, set up some camera angles for the groom, the bride, and the aisle. These will make sure you capture every small-yet-special moment. You can use all the footage within your online video maker to create a meaningful video afterward.

Record the Ceremony

5.  If You Can, Do a Same-day Edit

Being able to participate and look back at the actions shortly after can surprise the audience. It is a tactful tip to double the fun for your guests. Ensure you take all the notes carefully as small details help the audience develop a keen interest in your video.

6. Tell Your Love Story through Interviews

Though a Question Answer game always raises human curiosity, ask your friends, relatives, or family to interview you and your partner about the first meeting, kiss, and the time you confessed your love to each other. Then express the most heartfelt or hilarious moments of your love story through a video maker.

7. Infuse Your Culture

Infusing your culture in the wedding video lets your audience know more about you and your customs. Substantially, your rituals can develop the viewers' interest resulting in paying more attention to your video content. So, ensure you highlight all the traditions correctly.

Infuse Your Culture

8. Include Your Wedding Vows in The Voiceover

Including your wedding vows in the voiceover creates a nostalgic yet wonderful moment in the video. Even it will poetically narrate your special day. Ensure you record the vows separately or using a microphone during the ceremony. Once you capture them in real-time, add your footage together, cut the original sound, and layer in the music for a beautiful video.

To Conclude

Every bride and groom possesses plenty of dreams for this special day. Even the families, friends, and relatives eagerly wait for the moment to occur. That's why a wedding video means so much to everyone involved.

How To Create The Best Wedding Video Ever

Suppose you are not confident in your editing skills, hire a professional editor, or use a simple online video maker to get the job done. Either way, keep the above ideas in mind to create a fantastic wedding video the way you want.

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