How to choose an Immigration Consultant for your Study Abroad Programmes

By Team Consultants Review Tuesday, 24 March 2020


Team Consultants Review

There has been an exponential increase in the numbers of students going to other countries for completing higher education courses. Because the Indian industry prefers degrees from topnotch universities in the world, it has become the trend. However, before heading out, there are a few strides of information students need to acquire. Being a recent college graduate or from the working section, who have decided to study abroad, there are some points to be noted like which course to select, where to study, what are the offers made by the particular university, is the country student-friendly where the university is situated, what is the cost of education and living and finally what job opportunities are there for students after completing higher education? Well, answers to these questions are given by study abroad consultations. An abroad consultant or education consultant helps a student with the immigration process informs about education cost and the pros and cons of studying in a particular country or university.

Students, who have defined their goals for higher education first research for an abroad higher education consultant on the internet or on papers. After that they go to the consultant for direct conversations on licenses, accreditation, ask their success rate on guiding a student in different education programs abroad. If the consultancy has a website then it becomes more informative for the student to know about the offers made by the consultant and its achievements over the years. Contacting via chat or email makes it beneficial to know on the value-added services offered like detailing on travel, mentoring and preparing for visa interview process.

Some consultant’s value-added services include preparing a student who is falling short to place themselves according to the guidelines mentioned by respective universities. Consultants even refer the students to their partner institutes, colleges or universities.

If a consultant is truly student-centric then it determines the student’s affinity for a particular subject, its academic grades, academic and professional goals, and finances. More so the consultant conducts assessments and tests to know the student better. These are the consultants with licenses for doing the requisite tests.

While every country has predefined visa rules, as a result going to a premium abroad consultant is the right thing to do.

Points to Look For Selecting An Immigration Consultant

For abroad higher education programmes, a premium consultant should:

1.   Have atleast a few years’ experiences in placing students to topnotch universities.

2.   The consultant team has complete control over the university application to the visa process.

3.   The team is able to direct a student to the best university that offers the course according to the student’s choice.

4.   There are customized solutions aligned to the regular problems faced by students.

5.   Can assist a student in financial suggestions or loans from banks.

6.   Has information always updated with changing visa rules.

7.   There is a presence of successful alumni.

8.   It does not overcharge the student and follows the rules mentioned by the governing bodies.

9.   Maintains transparency throughout the whole process.

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