How Marine Consultants Help In Business Expansion

By Aveek Pal Chaudhuri Wednesday, 01 April 2020


Aveek Pal Chaudhuri

Businesses would have come to halts without marine interventions. It would have been difficult to achieve economic success without maritime consultants as they deliver solutions on trade routes and shipping ports. Maritime consultants are key for the progress of marine construction projects like shipyards, ports, terminals and jetties. In the recent past, the initiatives to augment business performance, energy efficiency and environmental standards have gained importance for maritime consultants. At present, maritime consultants are considering the factors that necessitate for air and water quality improvement through innovative and smart solutions for sustainable growth of the marine consulting sector.

What Is The Role Of Marine Consultants?

  • Maritime consultants are the ones that suggest the shipping industry on the concerns related to a plethora of harmful subjects which are plaguing the commercialization of marine. 
  • Advising on the painstaking points involving the dos and don’ts for business growth is what marine consultants are involved into.
  • Like all other consultants, maritime consultants are engrossed in teaching a company’s employees of adapting to the profitable maritime business methods. Aligning their work with the company’s objectives, maritime consultants have solutions for operations in oceans for simplifying every business process.

Operational Services by Maritime Consultants

  • The operation services include ship and mega-yacht management, evolution survey and brokerage of sale and purchase of ships and mega yachts, technical and operational management of passenger ships, ferries, fast-ferries, Roll-On/Roll-Off ships, train ferries, container and general cargo ships.
  • Ship broking services delivered by maritime consultants include sale and purchase and charter parties.
  • Maritime consultants read, study and analyze the business problems faced by a company and take in regard the factors harming the business and the environment in general. In turn, they deliver affluent solutions for those.
  • A maritime consultant is an expert that has an extreme hold on theoretical knowledge. They educate a company’s staff on integrating innovative ways of resolving industry-related issues.
  • While working closely with clients, maritime consultants chart out the budgets according to the requirements, help in designing strategies to fulfill targets and plan the management tasks.

Technical Services by Maritime Consultants

  • Cargo movement coordination, engineering support services, emergency response planning, government agency consultancy, investigative research projects, legislative research support, maritime security program development and port facility infrastructure improvements are some technical verticals where maritime consultants intervene.
  • Regulatory compliance assistance, vessel management system and terminal service optimization are also serviced by maritime consultants.
  • Consultation on Flag registration, change of registry, ISM, ISPS, MLC and Navigational Audits, Insurance Audits, Damage Surveys, and Weather Routing and Electronic Forecasting are done by maritime consultants.
  • Even the technicalities are described by the maritime consultants. Consulting on port and terminal design, construction, and the technical perspectives of port operation management and control are done by maritime consultants.

Port Development and Marketing By Maritime Consultants

  • Maritime consultants have marketing strategies for ports that are trying to get new business like cruise ships, ferries, fast ferries and container ships.
  • Illustrating assessment of the previous and proposed port infrastructure for particular trades is served by maritime consultants.
  • Consultants develop financial models to generate revenue. They predict market finances and determine the price accordingly.
  • Analyzing the other market thoroughly, maritime consultants make model strategies’ pricing.
  • Preparation of Requests for Proposal (RFP), promotional information and brochures fall under the service of maritime consultants.
  • Freight planning, analysis, research and market assessment are some other marketing strategies opted by maritime consultants.

Having full knowledge and high experience on maritime security, maritime consultants also have security measures for their clients and train the client’s employees on the security terms.

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