How Businesses can take Advantage of Cryptocurrency

By Rohan A T Monday, 12 October 2020

Cryptocurrency has been making rounds in the corporate realm for some time now and while it has haters as much as supporters, no one can deny how much impact it had on modern trade and transactions. To put in simple terms, cryptocurrency was created with an intention to be a digital asset which is designed to operate as an exchange medium. While some may say it is a niche market, the stats say otherwise and a recent survey shows that the total capitalization of the crypto market is over 155 billion US dollars. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and EOS. While businesses have been hesitant to use cryptocurrencies in their business transactions, there are plenty of benefits the corporate realm is missing out on. Some of the many ways in which cryptocurrency acts as an advantage for organizations are given as follows.

  • The Security Aspect: Confidentiality of transactions is of utmost importance especially in the business world. While using traditional methods for transactions, there is a high chance of having security issues and this only gets worse if you are talking about a lot of money. At the same time, cryptocurrency transactions are fool-proof and ensure high safety regardless of the amount you are dealing with. As an organization, this added level of security is a big bonus and especially in the current highly-competitive market, where financial resources have a major say in the business surviving for a long term, using cryptocurrency for business transactions is a smart move.


  • The Fee of Transaction: Owing to the fact that, cryptocurrency follows peer to peer transactions, businesses can avoid the various middlemen and brokerage fees. This is also an added advantage for business due to the fact that they are saving money and they can use for other purposes. Business transactions using cryptocurrency will also help businesses to save money regardless of the region you are sending the money to which is also a huge benefit looking from the company’s standpoint.


  • Greater Accessibility: Transaction of cryptocurrencies happens on the internet and this allows anyone with a viable internet connection and basic knowledge of the cryptocurrency network to use cryptocurrency for their transactions. By breaking the geographical barriers, cryptocurrency will allow businesses to do instantaneous payments and transactions. In the modern corporate world where time is at a premium, conducting quick business transactions may sometime determine the company’s survival in the industry.    


  • Ease to Adapt:  There are currently 1200 different cryptocurrencies or altcoins out there available in the market and this allows greater flexibility for the user. For businesses, this means that they have a wide variety of options to choose from and they can cherry-pick the one that suits them the most. This will help the organization to adapt and use the cryptocurrency which suits them the most while at the same time being open for change to better cryptocurrencies.

While there are plenty of ways in which businesses can take advantage of cryptocurrency, these above-mentioned are the most significant and noteworthy ones. By using cryptocurrency businesses will be able to save their valuable money and time while at the same time be less worried about their monetary transactions.

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