Hexaware Launches COCO - Unified Teams Bot for Improved Employee Experiences & Seamless Return to Workplaces

Hexaware, a Leading Global IT Consulting & Digital Solutions provider, announced the launch of COCO, the Unified Teams Bot built for Microsoft Teams, on Microsoft AppSource, an online cloud marketplace providing tailored line-of-business solutions.

With the unprecedented times in the backdrop, Hexaware is now more focused on delivering touchless, immersive experiences, and automation-led cost savings for customers who have moved to remote working. Hexaware also recognizes the market need to build and foster cloud resilience to ensure preparedness and optimized responses in the event of recurring contingencies.

Hexaware, a Microsoft Gold Partner, delivers differentiated offerings across the Microsoft cloud ecosystem, and designs solutions and strategies that help boost teamwork, and improve employee productivity and enhance employee experience. COCO, Hexaware's omnichannel chat bot, is a step in the direction of making work easier, safer and sustainable for customers as they gradually bring employees back to the workplace.

COCO seamlessly integrates with existing disparate backend IT systems and platforms like ERP, CRM, Service Desk or any other enterprise systems. Employees can use COCO, straight from their Microsoft Teams app on desktop or mobile devices, to access information and undertake transactions with key business functions through a unified, simple, and conversational interface. COCO is built on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services including LUIS to enable intuitive conversations.

COCO helps simplify and speed up:

  • Approvals (Absence, Time Management, Service Desk)
  • Service Desk functions (Create/View/Update)
  • COVID-19 -- Return to the Workplace (Apply / View Office Pass, Team Roster)
  • Absence Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (Active Pipeline, Leads Information)
  • Search for Employees across organization
  • Time & Shift Management

COCO is powered by a suite of functionalities that help organizations ensure seamless and safe return to the workplace.

Features of COCO:

  • Self-screening and Return to Workplace options for employees
  • Compliant with industry standards for Health Information handling
  • Helps employers increase workplace safety
  • COVID-19 health assessment is powered by Microsoft Healthcare Bot service

Rupesh Mithani, VP, Transform Customer Experiences Practice, Hexaware said, "COCO was born out of the necessity for delivering world class experiences for today's Work from Anywhere employees. We believe that COCO will enable employees with the power of information anytime, anywhere. The bot makes it easier for employees to accomplish daily activities and saves time and boosts productivity. We have also equipped COCO with COVID-19 health assessment capabilities, powered by the Microsoft Healthcare Bot service, which will help ensure a more seamless return to the workplace".

Source: PR Newswire

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