Google Lens: Users Can Save Visual Search History For Later Reference

By Consultants Review Team Friday, 08 March 2024

It has been reported that Google is introducing a new Lens search function that lets users store their visual search history. A report claims that Google Lens will soon have the capacity to automatically save photos taken using the visual search function.

The shutter button in Google Lens used to transmit images to Google for analysis, after which the user could no longer access them. This prevented the image from being stored for later use. The only workaround for this was to take a photo with the camera app and use Google Lens to search the picture after it was taken. But just like voice searches, the business is now letting customers view their visual search history.

Accessing your Google Lens search history is an optional function that is turned off by default. To make the feature active Go to and use your Google account to log in. Navigate to Web and App activity under Data and Privacy. To activate the functionality, tick the box next to "Include Visual Search History."

Go to the My Activity page on the website and scroll down to see your visual search request. All search queries, including those performed using Google Lens, are displayed on this page. You have the option to save the recorded image to your device, see the request's details, or erase your visual search history.

Visual search history is reportedly being made available to a limited number of users as of right now, and it will be made public in the upcoming weeks. As soon as Google Lens launches on a device, users will receive an alert informing them of the change.

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