Google layoffs: Hundreds of "Core" workers were let go, while some jobs were relocated to India

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 02 May 2024

Google's organizational structure underwent striking modifications that led to the termination of around 200 workers from its "Core" units. This comes before its most recent prosperous financial report. Relocating certain positions to Mexico and India is one of the rumored adjustments, according to a reliable report. The Core unit underwent a reorganization. It was in charge of creating the technological foundation for Google's main products and guaranteeing customer safety online. The impacted key technical units included the following: app platforms, security foundation, technical infrastructure, information technology, Python development team, core developers, and numerous engineering responsibilities. At least fifty engineering positions were terminated in Sunnyvale, California, according to records.

Numerous positions from Core teams may be moved to Mexico and India, according to internal papers. Google's Vice President of Developer Ecosystem, Asim Husain, emailed his colleagues to inform them of the layoffs, indicating that this was the biggest decrease his team had anticipated for the year. To operate closer to partners and developer communities, he emphasized the company's desire to maintain its worldwide presence while growing in high-growth areas.

Alphabet, the parent firm of Google, has been cutting staff since the beginning of the year because of difficulties in the internet advertising sector. Despite recent advancements in digital advertising, Alphabet proceeded with its reduction this year, laying off employees in a number of areas. Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat announced layoffs and position transfers to Bangalore and Mexico City as part of a reorganization of the company's finance department in mid-April. Google's search chief, Prabhakar Raghavan, announced intentions to establish teams nearer to customers in important areas like Brazil and India, where labor costs are cheaper. Google recorded its best growth rate since early 2022 and increased profit margins in the first quarter despite these layoffs.The business declared a $70 billion repurchase and its first-ever dividend. Developers were reassured by Husain that the adjustments support the company's overall objectives. 

With Google incorporating more artificial intelligence into its products, the reorganization primarily impacts teams that are essential to its developer tools. New developer tools and products will probably be unveiled at Google I/O, the company's forthcoming developer conference. Vice President of Security Engineering at Google Pankaj Rohatgi announced position eliminations as the firm grows operations. Also affected by the layoffs are the governance and protected data groups, which are important given the heightened regulatory scrutiny brought about by laws like the EU's Digital Markets Act. 

Google's Vice President of Governance and Protected Data, Evan Kotsovinos, emphasized that the team must move more quickly to address regulatory difficulties. Raghavan recognized increased competition, a difficult regulatory. Raghavan accepted that Google's new operational realities included more competition, a difficult regulatory environment, and slower organic development.

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