Google Acquires Cameyo to Enable Windows Software to Run on ChromeOS Devices

By Consultants Review Team Thursday, 06 June 2024

For an unknown amount, Google purchased Cameyo, a company that creates virtualization technologies for running Windows programs on ChromeOS devices. 

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has great potential, and last year, Google and Cameyo collaborated to offer a smooth virtual application delivery experience that was completely integrated with ChromeOS. 

These capabilities guarantee that users may easily, safely, and accustomedly access files and data within virtual programs. 

Head of Product Management for ChromeOS Naveen Viswanatha stated, "We are doubling down on our commitment to delivering a streamlined experience for virtualized applications by bringing the Cameyo team's expertise in-house." 

For a considerable amount of time, ChromeOS has been dedicated to giving consumers the greatest virtual application experience. The business claims that this means that ChromeOS customers will have even easier access to important legacy apps without having to deal with the headaches of complicated installations or upgrades.

Google also stated that enterprises may implement web-based technologies more quickly because to the integration of Cameyo's technology with ChromeOS.

Regardless of the device or location, virtualized apps may be readily deployed and accessible throughout an organization.

The business said that "Cameyo and ChromeOS both offer zero trust security and together deliver deep protection of data and systems from vulnerabilities."

"We are enabling businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure while protecting their investments in current software by fusing the strength of ChromeOS with Cameyo's cutting-edge VAD technology," said Viswanatha.

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