Gemini to be Available as an Android Google App After iOS

By Consultants Review Team Monday, 08 April 2024

Gemini, Google's AI tool, is being actively integrated throughout its platforms. In addition to a separate app in app stores and a dedicated chatbot that is now accessible in Workspace, the firm has also added an option for Gemini within the Google App for certain iOS customers. iOS users may easily transition between regular search and Gemini with this dedicated setting. But with all of these changes, Android consumers have felt excluded. However, it is no longer the case. According to a recent source, Google is reportedly working on an upgrade for the Google App for Android that would give all Android smartphone users access to the Gemini toggle.

AsembleDebug and PiunikaWeb collaborated to disclose the new functionality, which they found in the Google Android app's under-development Gemini toggle. Although the precise software version that enables this function is yet unknown, leaked images and video show features that are similar to those on iOS. To improve the user experience while switching between its Search function and the Gemini service, Google has added seamless animations.

Updated shortcuts for functions including Gallery, Translate, Homework, and Sing are also shown in the leaked video. Some users of the most recent beta versions of the Google app are now able to use these shortcuts, which were first discovered earlier this month. PiunikaWeb estimates that the Gemini toggle will take weeks or maybe months for the general public to adopt. Though access is currently not assured, participants on the beta program should ultimately be able to access it.

Unlike iPhone users, who can only access Gemini through the Google app integration, Android users may currently access Gemini using the standalone app. Still, a big improvement is the addition of the toggle to the Google app for Android. It makes it simple to transition between the Discover feed's standard search and Gemini's all-inclusive AI chatbot experience.

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